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M Anti-Estrogen

Hi, just wondering, is this safe for a regular joe to use? and will it help as it claims?

i’ve been stacking this w/ TRIBEX for the past 3-4 weeks, at the same time i started WSSB, i have put on roughly 7 pounds (also changed up the diet a little)and have weight increase of 25 on my squat, and 15 on my bench, along with weight increase on other exercises. not sure if its the stack, the new program, or the new determination…but these are the best gains i have ever had in this short of time.

no side effects as of yet to report…although i have been looking alot more at breasts lately…

Well short answer yes. it can be used by an average Joe. Also yes I beleive it does work as stated. I mean it wont take your estrogen out in totality but will help in the blocking of the environmental estrogens and such we are all subject to on a regular basis.

I suggest you read the product thread there should be some answers to any of your questions there. If you then have more come on back and we’ll try and help. If your Lucky Cy Wilson may evenm get a free second to help if its waranted.

Hope that helps,