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M and Tribex for fatloss: Experiences ?

I was introduced to this combo by Chris Thibaudeau, who used it on a fat fast.

While Im not sure Im gonna do a fat fast (cant afford mental down time, since Im writing my thesis), I assume M and Tribex would be good for any kind of cutting ?? Is it possible to go to higher caloric deficits (ie. 1000 instead of 500) and not lose too much LBM ? Any experiences with this combination (M, Tribex and fat loss) ?

It sends my strength through the fargin roof! As for fat loss, I do tend to lean out a bit on it. It’s ideal for low carbing to prevent your T from plumeting.

So what would you expect for a more evenly distributed diet (~30/35/35 p/c/f), would it allow me to “lean out” faster (eg. bigger caloric deficit) without losing LBM by keeping T-levels up ??

I personally wouldn’t fool with it if your macros are looking like that (a fair ammount of carbs).

Like I said, Tri/M is most needed when low carbing and T levels drop, and when doing a high volume of cardio. Generally when doing this fat loss combo your strength levels drop because of not only weight loss, but also because of higher cortisol levels thanks to lower T.

Thus, T/M is would be best used as horomonal support tool when REALLY trying to lean out to prevent LBM and strength loss. It works too.

To answer your main question: yes, it would help, but it’s not crucial.

If you are going to drastically cut calories, then Mag10 would be a better choice for hormonal support than Tri/M. Save the Tribex and M for when you’re done, and maybe for a couple of weeks before you begin.

The other thing is that if you’re going somewhere between 500-1000 calories per day below maintenance, then ~30% carbs really is a fairly “low carb” diet, because at that point, your total carbohydrate intake will be low. For example, if you’re total caloric intake for the day is 1800, then you’re only taking in 135 grams of carbs per day on a 30% carb diet.

Well, my maintenance is ~4000 kcals a day, so it would maybe not be a really low carb diet, compared to absolute numbers.

For everyone that I’ve known who has tried Tribex alone (including myself) noticed a reduction in bodyfat while only eating maintenance level calories. I can’t quite give you any numbers as to what to expect since none of us did an body compositions prior to using it (how intelligent, I know) but I can say with certainty that with the Tribex alone you should notice a major difference judging by what I’ve seen thus far. Hope this can be of some help to you. Good luck.

It worked for me. I used both eating maintenance and it helped get rid of my love handles.

Those of you who lost fat on these two supplements…do you store most of your fat in the subscapular/suprailiac areas? My largest skinfold is the abdomen @ 12-13 mm right now, but the other two skinfolds are substantially higher than my thigh measurement (suprailiac: 8-9 mm, subscapular: about the same, thigh 6 mm.). I just started the Tribex/M/yohimbine/high lignan flax protocol outlined in Don Alessi’s latest Iron Dog column.

DD90 - Yes, if your maintenance is around 4000 cal/day then even with a 500-1000 calorie deficit, you’ll still be taking in a fair amount of carbs. I thought that you were going to do a fat fast (which is very low calorie) but with a few more carbs. I have never really noticed a big difference in fat loss with Tribex alone, but that may be because I usually use it right before a Mag10 cycle when my calories are above maintenance. When I have used M, I just feel GOOD. I’m not quite sure how to explain it, it’s more of a mental, than physical state that I’m describing. Does anyone else get that? DD90 - What kind of training program are you going to use?

I currently using M and Tribex while on t-dawg 2.0. I have notice a slight decrease in bodyfat while using but will no better when I 'm done. These do help keep T up though as deiting in past has killed my t levels.So since T is a fatloss hormone,it can’t hurt to cover all the bases.(hell if you got a girlfriend she’ll love it,Trust me on this as mine knows when I’m on a cycle).

Im not sure about the fat fast yet, - I might give it a shot first (in Chris
Thibaudeaus version: 80% maintenance calories), but if it affects me mentally
too much mentally I need to drop it to be able to concentrate on thesis writing.

I will be using Craig Ballantynes Turbulence Training 2K3, basically 6-8 rep supersets
of compound lifts with little rest, followed by a 15 rep complex (like the Bear), then 6-12
intervals HIIT. I used the original Turbulence Training to lose 10 lbs in 7 weeks on a
500 kcal deficit using no supplements apart from ZMA.

DD90, take a good look at Power Drive. It’s worth reading up on. The guys at T-Mag use it for focus when they’ve got articles to write. It’s very “mental.”

Terry, thanks for the heads-up - could be a really good idea. How often/much would you take per day, when its not specifically related to working out ??