M and BPH?

(If you don’t know what BPH is, just walk on by and try not to make any old man wise cracks…)

I had tried several different prescription medications (flomax, avodart, etc.) to deal with my BPH or at least the symptoms, but none of it seemed to help much. Recently, I tried M for a few days and noticed that, although I wasn’t killing flies dead at 20 yards with laser-like abilities, things were, um, flowing better…noticeably better. I stopped the M for a few days and I was back to a trickle. Hmmm, maybe a coincidence, maybe not…so I started it back up and once again, the symptoms subsided. So, could it be that M helps with BPH?

Some background, 32 years old…I have had the full round of hormone tests done four times in the past 2 years or so. My T was low-normal each time (300ish ng/dl) and so was my LH…but so was my estrogen levels, so I didn’t really think M would do too much for me…but if it keeps helping with this little annoying issue, I’ll keep taking it.

That is very interesting. If it helps keep it up. May lead to some permanent help.

I have seen studies linking Estrogen to BPH, as well as DHT. So the M could help, and in your case apparently is.

Keep us informed on your findings. I for one find it interesting.