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M and Androgel


I was recently diagnosed with low T (a common occurence for 50+ year olds). The endocrinologist just put me on 10 grams/day Androgel. Will using M prevent aromatization? All input/comments most welcome!



i don't think that M is on par with pharmacutical anti-estrogens, but i'm sure it'll help a little. since you're on T-therapy, i would assume your doc would give you a real anti-e though...


It's a real battle to get doctors to do anything! I asked for a low-dose anti-e, .5 mg Arimedex, and got a stone no! On 5g/day of the gel, got my T up to 244 ng/dl (should be 240-950). Since I DID make the range, I had to argue for the 10 gram upgrade. 244 is like a D- on a test -- not accepting that. Got the doc to finally agree to the 10 g.

Hope M lives up to its rep!

Thanks for the input!



When you had your blood tested after taking the 5-mg dose did you note how many hours it was after your supplemented, that the blood was drawn? If, so how many was it?


I put the gel on every morning about 7 AM. When the blood was drawn, it was around 9:45 AM. I will get tested again in 3 months; if the reading is below 600, I've decided to ask for the shots.

I have started feeling better, after about 4 weeks of therapy. The endo would have put me on shots at once; the gel was my PCP's idea.

Took my first morning dose of M. What signs should I look for there (I know it takes several weeks for anything noticeable.)?


I started the shots last week, the patches were too expensive monthly $71 after insurance .. the shots were $81 I get rembursed and it lasts 5 months.

Make sure that you get the proper dose though 1 ml/ every 2 weeks and not the 2 ml once a month like I started out with, that is 400Mg!!!! and after 8 days I allready need Arimidex. You can also ask to "self administer" the tech will show you how to giv eyou the shot, that is if the doc agrees, I take my test home after injection, so they were ok with it, and now I can give myself the proper doseage.. Glad you feel better!!


Am I correct in saying that transdermal testosterone is generally a more effective form of application, as opposed to shots which are cheaper, but not as effective ?


I would assume that since you are getting your levels checked, you would have access to an estradiol reading. This would show if you are in need of an anti-e or a SERM.

M is not at par with Arimidex at all.

BTW, Studies show that Letrozole is a better choice as it has a positive impact on IGF levels, where Arimidex has a negative impact. The only con with Letro is that it takes around a month to reach suitable effective levels.

good luck with your HRT.



No, you are not correct. Transdermal is not as effective as injections. Why would people go through the trouble of injecting if it was????



Because injections are much more affordable.


The gel (supposedly)gives a slower, more prolonged release. One problem my endo said with shots was an initial spike, followed by a slow let down. When it's time for your next shot, you're almost craving it! That's one reason I wanted to do the gel; I don't like being dependent like that.

Also, with the gel, you get it every day. (Guess I am dependent after all, for my daily 'fix').

If any of you guys have taken M, can you tell me your results/reactions?



Hows your libido with the gel? Im taking 5 mg androgel right now and my libido REMAINS TO be non-existant.

Have you seen any positive changes?



My libido is the same as before, except I am starting to wake up like a teenager again (wake up thinking I'm at the circus -- there's the big tent in front of me! LOL) My mood and energy are improving SLOWLY. Its been about 4 weeks since I began.

What are your numbers? If they are low, ask the doc to bump you up to 10 g/day. Androgel takes a long time to work, seems to me.

Check out www.centerwatch.com for some good stuff about the gel.


My numbers have been low as 189, and as high as 780 with 10 mg of gel. This whole low testosterone thing started for me a year ago when my libido fell off the map. Since then, it has never returned. It sucks. The gel will increase your testosterone, but this doesnt imply you will become some sex crazed porn star. It has had little to no effect on my libido. I'm getting a blood test in a couple of days, and Im thinking about moving up to 7.5 or 10 mg. In the past, I would just fight through any physical problems like being tired in the afternoon or lack of energy.

Do you have any idea how I can increase my libido? By the way, I'm 21.


If testosterone therapy fails request an adrenal stress index test (salvia).
Will measure circulating cortisol throughout the day & evening.
Adrenals are responsible for producing the sex hormones. Adrenal fatigue has an impact on sexual dysfunction.


21 is very young to be on HRT. Go to an honest-to-God endocrinologist and get a complete hormonal panel. Sounds like your pituitary gland is off-line.
Yeah, I know it's expensive but you've got probably 70+ years ahead of you and you want them to be good ones! Did your PCP provide the gel?