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M and Alcohol


I just purchsed some M. If I normally take it in the morning, is there any benefit to taking it just before drinking on a night out? Or would it really make no difference? Not a big issue. Just wondering. Anyone know?


I'm sure even one drink more than negates any benefit the M might provide..


I'm taking that as saying don't worry about it and take is normal? Probably not to drink too. But I know that hormonally there are a host of reasons for that. Thanks-I won't worry about the M in relation to alcohol.


Well, most people would consider my views on alcohol to be fairly radical ? that is to say, I think it's not very healthy, with the exception of perhaps one glass of red wine daily. We all have vices, I guess it comes down to reviewing the benefits and costs of our habits and going from there.


I agree. I wouldn't consider myself an excessive drinker. But it is part of my lifestyle on the weekends right now. As things stand, I'm fairly happen with my progress in the gym and otherwise. Of course I don't doubt that I wouldn't (in many respects) be better off abstaining.


C'mon, live a little. I just had my red (cabernet). I'm making Raviolis and Pizza for the family next. You know what....I'll probably have another glass too.