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M after Mag-10

Why is M taken only after the Mag-10 cycle (according to the Mag-10 plan for success). Would it not make sense to take M during Mag-10 as well since estrogen levels may rise during the cycle?

I believe M is recommended after MAG-10 to help boost T levels, not lower estrogen.

You should use M, along with Tribex or RedKat after a mag10 cycle to help balance out your endogenous hormone levels.

Use the mag10 by itself and let if work its magic, then hit the Tribex and M hard after going off of it to retain the gains!

If you read the articles in the search engine about MAG-10 very closely you’ll notice that the two active ingredients do not aromatize. Therefore, the use of M is purely for increasing endogenous T—along with the Tribex, of course. I actually wondered about this myself after my first MAG-10 cycle so I went back an read the articles again. I always seem to find something I missed the last time. Go figure…