M, 20, 5'11", 161 lbs

180cm (~5’11”)
~73 kg (~161 lb)

I didn’t show my legs, because they suck more than my upper body, lol.

Currently doing CAP2.
Eating 3000-3100 calories a day, bulking.

My best lifts:

Bench: 90 kg x 4
Sumo deadlift: 145 kg x 4
OHP: 57,5 x 2
Squat: 115 x 2

Looking for some pointers here and BF estimate (15%?)

(I used to weight about 120 lbs not even year and a half ago)

don’t ask for your bodyfat %. It’s a useless number. Your bodyweight matters for weigh-ins and competition, and your appearance is all that matters from an aesthetic standpoint. Whatever actual % that is associated with those things is utterly useless to you. Internalize this and it will help you.

Congrats on the weight gain to this point. Some may disagree, but I think you look like you workout, and obviously a before and after picture would make that clear. Your journey is similar to mine at that age, I put on 25-30 lbs in my freshman year of high school, after being 125ish at 18. I highly recommend NOT doing what I did after that, which was spending the next couple years addicted to drugs and alcohol. lol.

It sounds like you know what you’re doing diet-wise. Keep up the good work there. You haven’t added too much fat, so I would keep trying to gain size if I were you. You’re small, but I think your proportions are actually pretty good.

Out of curiosity, is there a reason you prefer sumo over conventional? I personally think conventional is better for aesthetic development. Both can work, but that’s easily my preference.

Also good to see that you do OHP, and your OHP to Bench ratio is reasonable.

Work your legs.

Other than that, keep up the good work! I’d love to see your progress a year from now! At your height, a long-term goal of 190-210, pretty lean looks pretty good to me. I suppose I’m biased, because that’s my current size, but I think for our height, that’s an enviable size to get to, without being ‘huge’.


Thanks for reply!

I have been focusing on sumo because of lower back pain on conventional deadlift, but few weeks ago I’ve switched back to conventional and loving it (obviously fixed my form, so the back pain isn’t limiting me)

I really love the first paragraph you wrote about bodyfat. Really great perspective on this.

I’d really love to be somewhere in the 190-210 range as you mentioned, that’d be great.

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Aesthetic wise, train the fuck out of your arms. Back development is pretty good compared as well as chest. Once you gain more muscle/lose more fat, you’ll look pretty good imo because of the base you’re currently building. Good on you for the weight gain and your journey into lifting brother.


Thanks for reply.

Yeah, I definitely need to work on my arms. I am trying really hard but they refuse to grow, lol. Well, the only option is to try even more.

Or eat more.