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M 1 T or Dbol When Dieting

I’m starting the V-Diet and want to retain as much
LBM as possible. I was thinking of using m 1 t or
Dbol with nolvadex on hand and for pct also
have ZMA and TRIBEX. Any thought on either cycle would be better. Thanks Ken

Cycle 1
Week 1 20mg of m1t
Week 2 20mg
Week 3 20mg
Week 4 20mg
And nolvadex for 2 to 3 weeks.
Cycle 2
Week 1 50mg dbol
Week 2 50mg dbol
Week 3 50mg dbol
Week 4 50mg dbol
Pct nolvadex for 2 to 3weeks

NOt sure what the v-diet is, but to answer your question, use the dianabol. Although I think 30mg ed would suffice since your primary objective is to preserve muscle, no? The science behind it is included in an article cy wrote detailing which steroids to use while dieting.