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M-1-T and Adderall

would m1t nad adderall have any odd side effects you could think off? i asked my doctor and he told me not to worry about it - but I figured to ask you guys on here as well.

I think blood pressure would be the one thing you would have to look out for. I’ve used Adderall before, pretty strong, but I seem to like Rittalin much more. Not sure what your goal is with stacking these two compounds. I do know that both suppress your appetite, so possibly a good diet stack being that M1T is quite androgenic.

hey tren, thanks for responding. It wasn’t a planned stack. I have been put on adderall for adult a.d.d. I recently just placed an order for legal gears
m-1-t and masterdrol so i was just curious if adderall would interfere with either of these compounds.