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LYTP - A (not-so) New and Improved YTWL

I did a quick search and LYTP’s are mentioned a few times on the site, but there’s nothing in the Injuries and Rehab section, and nothing at all that answers my main question.

First off, if you don’t know what I’m talking about:


Basically just a new twist on the YTWL’s for shoulder/upper back stability and mobility. Sure there’s a couple years old by now, but we’ll call them new for arguments sake.

I was just wondering if anyone has been doing these, and what the set/rep ranges look like for you?

Are you doing them at the beginning of workouts, or at the end?

What frequency? Just upper body days, or every day?

I’ve been doing them for the past week at about 8 reps a piece, for 2-3 sets at the end of my workouts.

In his article, Nick mentions that some of the letters have different rep ranges than the others, but didn’t elaborate, so I just wanted to see what has worked for you all.


A search on youtube was very helpful:

He recommended 8-15 reps per letter