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Lysine and Herpes


So I have Herpes type 1 and I’m having my second outbreak. this time it’s in my eye. It’s very painful.
I am taking 500 mg arginine 4 times a day and it’s amazing for growth.

here’s the problem, Lysine is supposed to be used everyday to supress herpes. However, it is my understanding that lysine is arginine’s counter. it would make me flatter.

is it possible that arginine may be bringing on my herpes? can lysine and arginine be used together?
what does lysine do for bodybuilding? Can it be useful?
as of now I think the lysine is just hurting my gains. But i think supressing herpes trumps my gainz.


I would think this is probably the sensible attitude.


The Arginine is probably contributing to your outbreaks. Arginine encourages the virus to replicate.
Lemon Balm has also been shown to help.