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Lyrica Info/Studies?


So I had a numothorax and was in the hospital on morphine. I got out and didn't want to take any more opiates. My reasons being I lost a brother to an opiate overdose a year ago, they are very addictive, and they tank your T levels pretty fast. I decided to try lyrica and ibuprofen instead. It actually works better than opiates for me. Only problem is I know nothing about it.

Lyrica is still under patent so any studies I have found were most likely hand picked. I'm sure more information will come out the drug goes generic.

It makes me very drowsy, the ataxia causes my knees to ache, even on ibuprofen 800.

It is an antiepileptic. It blocks the release of glutamate, and epinephrine. So I would never try exercising on it, not like I can until my lung heals anyways.

The one study, one study, regarding testosterone claims it has no affect. But the study has no details and is very vague. it claims 12 weeks, followed by a one week taper, and then a 13 week washout period has no affect on T or FSH.

BUTTT 13 weeks is a long wash out period. You would rebound just as fast from opiate suppression. 13 weeks is long enough to recover from most performance enhancing drugs. It definitely causes sexual sides when your on the drug become you can't feel shit. If it lowers T that's another reason to throw this shit out.

So if anyone has any real knowledge on this drug I would appreciate it. does it supress as bad as the older antiepileptic drugs? Has anyone found any real studies on the drug?

Any pharma experts please chime in. Thank you.


Lyrica makes people fat, quickly.


Yeah my apitite is redic. It's all good I'm a skinny bastard who just lost a few pounds due to inactivity from my lung. I have very low body fat so I'm assuming it was muscle.

I hear a lot of it is fluid retention and edema or whatever.

I eat too well to get fat. Bloated is another story. I don't like being bloated but I eat like nonstop when I take this shit. Still underweight though.


A pneumothorax doesn't hurt, and your lungs don't really have to heal. Lungs don't even have sensory innervation. Unless you've had rib fractures / some trauma causing this? Why do you need pain meds?

Anyway Lyrica is used for neuropathic pain, not for nociceptive pain. Unless you have "nerve pain" (which I doubt) Lyrica is next to useless (if you do suffer from this kind of pain, ibuprofen is next to useless). Not to mention it's not even the first-line therapy for neuropathic pain...
For starters take paracetamol 4x1g with the ibuprofen. If this doesn't work ask for a weak opiate such as tradonal.


It actually does hurt, mr keyboard dr. this is the second time my lung collapsed and both times hurt. And no I didn't fracture a rib, thanks for making two dumb assumptions in one post. I said I was only using it to avoid opiates. I know it doesn't work the same. And yes lungs do heal. My lung no longer makes the clicking and crumpling noises it did for a week after it collapsed. Know why? It healed smart ass.

My question was geared toward the drug and it's affect on endocrine function, I just gave my back story so you guys wouln't have to ask. I really don't care about how much tylenol or tramadol you would take, or anything else that doesn't have to do with the drug. I don't even take it anymore, I just found it to be very effective and wondered what the catch was.


Lungs and nerves.
And who cares what's first line? Obviously I'm avoiding opiates. Can someone with actual information chime in? Not someone just randomly addressing issues I didn't even ask about.