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Lyph's Getting Lifty!


Hello, everyone!

My introduction and a little bit of history are both long overdue. I joined a little over a year ago, and due to some poor decision-making, have now ended up a few steps back from where I began.

I'm posting here in Powerful Women as opposed to starting a log in FA because I'd rather have a combination of (hopefully) support and that rougher form of criticism that only men can really seem to provide... Having brothers and mostly male friends can do that to a lady.

I lifted in high school over summers, very half-assed and pretty much just trying to keep up with whatever my male friends were doing (being teenaged boys, the routines were beyond half-assed) with absolutely no memorable results other than many hot baths and muscle cramps at night. I grew up a little, got creepy-skinny, filled out with "that damn fat" dramatically, and ran off to college. I started working out again, mostly as a cardio bunny just going for the "thin" look, and then stumbled across FA one day.

Understandably, I was blissed out and inspired.

I'd never been able to get what I thought to be a "feminine" look by making myself lightheaded on all veggies and hours of cardio. I was blessed with fairly wide shoulders, pretty narrow hips, and what I think are fairly weird and fatty arms. The T-Vixens were (and are!) fucking GODDESSES, who are certainly lean but not skinny and have sexy muscle in the places that I always thought I was the wrong size in. So I started absorbing all of the information I could find and attempting to use it.

Unfortunately, I turned legal to drink in the states at around the same time as I moved back in with my parents (after only a few months of training) and picked up "a family habit" fairly quickly, so all of my good gains were lost. For, oh, roughly a year.

And then some. A few months ago, I put down the bottle and realized that I had gotten pretty damn fat. I had packed on a good thirty pounds of wiggly, jiggly, 80 proof fat by that time and just within the last four or so months, lost most of it with plenty of cardio and a ridiculously low calorie diet. In doing that, I lost most any muscle I may have had beneath the drinking and study-stress blubber.

So now that I've gotten the drinking out, I ought to continue where I left off. I've been doing Wet Wolf's KISS program, eating clean, and just three weeks in I have noticeable personal gains and a change in shape. At this point I'm going to continue the KISS program for at least another six to eight weeks before making any major changes and see how far I can push this thing before I have to focus on anything else. I'll have a set of skinny-fat vs. fat-fat vs. what I've gotten to now up within the next couple of days, so y'all can tease me or type loudly at me if you wish. :wink:

Also, before I leave off the introductory post for this log, I'd like to state that while I only have vague intentions of ever competing, I'm fully aware that the tattoos I possess and the ones I have planned are likely to keep me out of any serious competition. No worries, I don't expect miracles here when it comes to choices I've made. I'd just like to make some that go beyond skin deep in the future. My ideal long (loooong) term goal is to maintain a body type that is somewhere around "too big for figure" and "just barely too small for BB".


Hi and welcome…but we’re women here!
The fellas stop by from time to time though…

If you are consistently consistent you WILL reach your goals!


If BB isn’t your gig but you want to compete, why not shoot for a powerlifting meet? It’s all about strength.