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Lyoto Machida Will be Death of UFC


Granted he has an unorthodox, incredibly effective style. But he just isn't a marketable fighter.
Aside from those who train, the vast majority of casual fans appreciate a good stand up fight. You should have noticed, the fighters are on the ground, they boo (unless there's a sub), they get stood up, and the crowd cheers.

What they don't want to see is some douchebag, running around like a fuckin matador at the slightest sign of danger.

He will be the lhw champ for a long time, no question. But it won't be good in the long run. He will do exactly the same as what big tim did to the heavies.....




His style is not unorthodox. It's a typical boxing style. It can easily be beaten by the right guy.


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A decent rightwinger creationist would wipe the floor with Lyoto.
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I'm kind of glad Evans is the under dog, I think Lyoto is going to get brutally KO'd on the ground in the 3rd or 4th. I could completely see Lyoto winning, but I don't know why people write off Rashad like he's not the LHW Champ. Betting odds are ridiculously stacked, on Bodoglife you double your money if you bet on Rashad and he wins. I think Rashads wrestling, boxing, and his head movement in my opinion is going to make it very difficult for Lyoto to land anything major. I'm sure his training is pretty specialized for Lyoto has he is a deceptive countering mofo. Its going to be an awesome fight, I wouldnt be upset if Lyoto won, other then I'd be out 5 bucks. Its going to be an awesome fight either way.


I mainly lurk the forum but this made me log in so I could ask, are you high?

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No it's true, All he does is bounce in and out and the MMGAY guys are sooooo confused because they don't understand angles and cutting off the ring. GTFO!


Typical boxing style....is what is being questioned. Thinking before posting is sooo underrated.


Like I care what a bunch of tapout wearing cunt rags think of the fights


That's a typical boxing style, Moving in and out while circling left and right and countering. Typical, That black kid will probably beat it if he's smart and doesn't follow the urine drinker around. I'll tell you right now that guy is afraid to get hit for a reason.


Lyoto has to win first (which I think he will, I'm pulling for him). Even then, he will not be the death of the UFC. The UFC has plenty of other fighters they can market. If one person is boring, no sweat, there are people that will step up and fit the bill nicely.

Just like the San Antonio Spurs in basketball, not really a marketable team like the Lakers or Celtics, but a good team nonetheless.

Bottom line: winning never gets old or boring.


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At least be witty, trolling has really gone downhill.



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besides bisping and ortiz, what quality, not over the hill and shot opponent has evans beat besides forrest griffen? i guess i mean convincingly beaten. i think ortiz was a draw? and bisping was fighting out of his class(he is a true middleweight) and not a world class middleweight, much less a world class light heavy?

serious question.