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Lynn Swann to Run for Governor

Although this was no great secret, Swann is set to declare his candidacy:


Swann has public appeal, is articulate, and is charismatic.

We’ll have to put a finer point on his politics over time - he is running as a Republican - but this could be a very interesting race in what is often a key battleground state in Presidential elections.

Rendell seems like a huge crook.

The whole gambling thing and many other programs he touches just reek of corruption.

I would love to see him out. I don’t know if Swann is the right guy to pull in the Philadelphia vote but it will be interesting.

Swann is picking a guy named Maloney to run as his #2, and he is well-connected in Philly. I was at LaSalle University when Rendell was mayor, and I liked him a lot…of course, this was based solely on the amount of time he devoted to appearing on the Eagles’ weekly postgame show. This election could turn into a referendum on football teams…Eagles fans vs. Steelers.

He still does the Eagles postgame. It is embarrassing.

I am out of the area now, but I did always wonder how the guy managed to spend so much time on football…shouldn’t he have had other priorities?

He has to get in front of the voters somehow doesn’t he?