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Lyme Disease


if you think your lazy or have no energy to train when you used to love it this could very well be the issue.
I was recently diagnosed after going from 205 in feb to 180 today. I had no energy to train. I also was experincing left sided weakness and several neurological symptoms.
One of the most telling issues was several years ago I lost ROM and had atrophy in my left calf with no injury to cause it.

I guess the point of this post is to let people know this shit is real and very very serious. It fucks you up and is completely under diagnosed because the medical community for the most part doesnt understand the bacteria that causes it. Its hard to detect etc, etc.

So if you think your lazy or just cant get motivated dont get down on yourself. For years people told me that my issues were all in my head. Yeah they were in my head because a bacteria was attacking my brain and body and releasing a toxin every time one died. Im actually quite proud I managed to get up to 205 pounds naturally with lymes disease. IM only 34 so once I kick this shits ass Im planning on going to 220 in a short time. For the first time in ten years I will be able to train and build muscle with out my body being forced to fight a total body infection first. IM excited to say the least.

Anyone on here catch a case of this stuff? Any sups, treatments, advice for me?


I had a scare. I was working in the woods and got a tick my Bellend of all places!
Moral of the story - if you piss in the woods, don't go in the undergrowth! or you'll be in for a suprise.

I got a precautionary course of antibiotics just in case cause The woods I was working in was an estate with lots of deer on it.


Check out Hulda Clark at Cure Zone .com buy a zapper research it. also coffee enemies sounds crazy but the liver plays a huge roll in what goes on in the body and 2 oz of organic coffee held for 12 to 15 minutes will produce bile that will move through the liver and gall bladder research it see what you think.


or enemas the process may sound like a enemy!


any supplement that boost immunity functions, google now.


VitaminC morning after workout before bed Glutamine morning before workout after and before bed Bcomplex in the morning niacinamide and alpha lipoic acid once or twice a day + Good multi (Animal Pak) try it see what you think


  • if your not allergic one week out of every month or when you start to feel sick use iodine drops 6 drops in a glass of water 4 times a day this will kill any funky bacterias in your stomach the best thing i have found if i feel something coming on is 1bcomplex 1gram of vitaminC 1niacinamide 1alpha-lipoic acid 6drops of iodine couple of times a day and your good to go works for me anyway