Lyme Disease, Antibiotics, and TRT

Hi all,

I am 43 years old, 2 m tall, 100 kg, working hard in gym last 4 years. I can’t imagine life without gym!

4 years ago I did start fighting chronic version of “Lyme disease” (in [quotes], because I am from country where most doctors dont even believe this exists). I had many symptoms. Through few months I completely lost my erection at age 38, before I was like superman and second very noticeable, was skin burning all over the body, needles like skin stabbing and also strong stabbing like pain in places where you have major nerves, most of this was in my limbs, especially left leg and left side of my prostate was in pain. Muscle cramps all over the body, etc. I was diagnosed with minor nerves DMG in my limbs and after some times found doctor who gave me a antibiotic’s protocol which I am still on. All the prostate checks negative and according the other doctors there was nothing wrong with me.

With the antibiotics I was able to get off the most of the problems, also the nerve pain in left leg which was in my opinion damaged most is almost gone. One thing I noticed wasn’t going off, even its little bit better and that’s erectile dysfunction. Now, one interesting condition I have when on atb. is, after 2 months, my livers does something, I am not able to say what, but even my liver s blood test OK, I have super high values of total testosterone in my blood without taking any testosterone! Most testosterone I had on one point was 53 MOL/l (I am 43 now), also I have high shbg.

Because I could not understand why I have such high tst and no benefits in gym I find out about free test and albumin and shbg. Now I know I have super low free tst 0.18 MOL/l, high shbg 164.3 MOL/l and albumin 47.74 MOL/l.

Now we are close to why I am here. I did few times try to stop with antibiotics and the nerves/skins like problems came always back. First time it took 2 months, second time 1 month and last time like 5 days. After starting to take the antibiotics again, its gone in few days, and I am fine again. Few days ago, I decided I would like to do something with that low free test, because of my gym passion and also because I would like to still have some sex life and I asked my good friend who is on trt for long time if he can help me with that. I am from Europe country where US like trt isn’t used/legal and in total, doctors doesn’t really care if your dick doesn’t work as long you are breathing, so we are using Magnum Test E here and internet wisdom from good sources.

I did inject 125 mg of tst Enanthate and after day I started to feel exactly that same feeling like when I stopped taking my atb pills. After two days it was on its peak, pretty bad and day after if started to disappear and next day is almost gone. Also, during the sleep it stops, so morning I am fine, but then during the day it starts coming back. All it seems like this is some strange central nerve system problem or reaction, but I am not able to understand why. I dont understand, how can testosterone have such reaction on nerves. Mostly all I have read on internet speaks about better regeneration of nerves and protection of CNS from testosterone. The reaction I have seems almost like free testosterone in my body act like some suppressant of those atb. and my immune system. I tried that again, with only 60 mg and it was the same, maybe little bit not so bad, bud still pretty uncomfortable, that there is no way I could use to it for long period of time. Also, like I said, its not some skin itching etc, is nerves pain like, loosing skin sensitivy on some places on my quads etc.

I would be super glad and grateful, if someone here would have some thoughts and ideas which could help me to solve this mistery and after that use TRT to have some more quality time in my life!

Thank you guys!

Which antibiotics were you on?

I am still on and all values are per day:
Benemicin 1200mg
Dalacin c 900mg
Minostad 300mg
Medoflucon 150mg
Entizol 1500mg this is only 5 days every 20 days and during those 5 days I am not taking Medoflucon

I also do:
Isoprinosine 2000mg
NAC 2400mg
Imunor 10mg/week

Strange is, that when I do stop taking those, I have same symptoms like from that tst shot. This leads me to teorie that when I do stop taking them and my livers are going out off this state when I have super high total tst, my free tst can actually start increasing and cause the problems. Not sure this is true and why, but seems like that.

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Have you had iron checked? This sounds extremely similar to some things that @systemlord experienced, and I believe he finally narrowed it down to a chronic iron deficiency, which made him stop TRT because exogenous testosterone exasperates the issue. He may be able to give you some advice here.

I really don’t understand the antibiotics. These are typically used to ward off infection. Do your doctors think that this is a bacterial issue?

When someone makes this comment, I can relate to it. I had muscle cramping everywhere including the stomach and gut and the cause was abnormally low potassium, even if barely in range. My endo prescribed me TRT with iron 2 points from the bottom of the ranges, this set me up for failure.

It seems all my doctors missed what was most obvious, probably because of how they were taught in medical school, in range is normal so no action was taken. When you go on TRT which uses up lots of iron to create hemoglobin and red blood cells, I remember the higher I pushed Total T, the worse these symptoms which I now know was iron deficiency.

You need an iron panel, ferritin as well.

Just ordered iron - won’t risk the same when I start TRT.

You may want to verify low iron before supplementing.

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Of course yes.

systemlord, thank you, I will definitively buy some iron and test it. It would be greate if thats the problem!

Thx for comment :slight_smile: The atb are there because I possibly have/had Chronic Lyme disease. The thing is, everyone, especially here in Europe knows so little about it, so hard to say if its really Lyme or not. The diagnose is mostly based on antidote values in your blood and symptomps.

I should also mention diseases and viruses feed on iron.

systemlord, bought some iron and also B12, B6 and some other Bs and then injected 175mg, so it has strength and after two days of no problems, I think I can safely say “problem solved” :slight_smile: Huge thanks for for your help!

Great, glad you got it figured out. I was also fine the in the mornings, the iron deficiency symptoms would come out to play as the day rolled along, worse at night time.

I believe it has to do with the fact your body is using iron as your thyroid hormones peak in the afternoon using up the iron, then your metabolism slows down in the evening and sleep causes you to recover a little bit of iron giving some for the mourning hours.

My low potassium symptoms also peaked at night time, this is when muscle cramps were strongest. I wonder if all minerals are lower at night time as opposed to mornings.

systemlord I have one more question. I have high total cholesterol, it somehow started 4 - 5 years ago, when my problems with “lyme disease” started and with trt it’s even worse.

For example here is my cholesterol from 2017. It was a 2 months period when I stopped taking the pills.
Total chol: 4.50 mmol/l
HDL: 1.18 mmol/l
LDL: 3.11 mmol/l
Total tst: 20 mmol/l
Free tst: at that time I didn’t know there is any :slight_smile:

Here is my tst from 3 weeks ago after third tst shot and with atb. pills:
S-Cholesterol 7.26 | | |+ | 3.20-5.00 mmol/l
S-HDL cholesterol 1.75 | | | | 1.00-2.00 mmol/l
S-LDL cholesterol 5.24 | | |+ | 1.00-3.00 mmol/l
S-Testosterone 71.12 | | |+ | 7.0-26.0 nmol/l
FTTE-free testosterone 0.513 | |
| | 0.140-0.530 nmol/l
FTTE-free testosterone 0.72 | -| | | 1.28-2.56 %
BATTE-Biol.avail.testoster. 12.38 | |*| | 3.39-13.13 nmol/l
BATTE-Biol.avail.testoster. 17.4 | -| | | 32.30-63.84 %

The question is. I have read that doctors in US divide total cholesterol with HDL and then if the number is for example 5, you are still in average risk of hart disease. In my case its 4.1. This is due the fact that HDL is fighting back the LDL. Do you or anyone else have some knowledge about this?

I already spoke with my lyme doctor and she took some blood samples and if they are good, I will get rid of atb. pills and this could possibly lover my cholesterol a bit, because like I said, the atb. pills self are increasing my total test and shbg lot, because they somehow confuse my livers. For example 2016 my total tst was 50.11 nmol/l only from atb. pills. The thing is, in case my cholesterol is still high like now, I am not sure its safe to stay on TRT :frowning:

Also one more thing, when all my problems started 5 yeas ago, I went in 7 months from a superman in bed to guy who is not able have erection even he has sex beast in his bed. I wasn’t only able to have erection, but I didn’t feel anything. My dick and nipples totally dead. During the sex, it was like I am having sex with air :slight_smile: Now its little bit better, but not enough to be confident man and with trt it seems to be even worst. Why could this be? Is it that cholesterol? I am confused as f…, cause the TRT should be my ultimate weapon :):slight_smile:

I hope we are adults here and its ok speak openly like this here :wink:

Now that you have solved the iron and vitamin deficiencies maybe all you need is time for everything to start working for you. Your situation is complicated and I’m afraid cholesterol is a bit of a blind spot for me.

Yes, you are 100% correct systemlord, I am special specimen :slight_smile: But thank you anyway ;), you helped a lot. Now I just need to decide, if I will go off, or will try stay on and do another blood work in few weeks.

Found this calculator on In case someone is looking for similar info like I do.
Total cholesterol to HDL ratio calculator

According to this, with 1.75 HDL, I am still in “possible” risk of heart disease. With 1.85 HDL, I am already in “Healthy” range. Means, I should be somehow in average risk, maybe more to healthy levels. I did buy Arterin, which is free to buy supplement from red fermented rice. One tablet should have 10 mg of monacolin-K and according to studies, it should lover LDL levels.

Looking for some info on my repeating problems. I am on TRT 2 months and 8 days. First month and half was ok, but last few shots I started to have exactly like hearth attack symptoms. Its so bad that right now I did decide to stop with TRT. After the shot I am perfectly ok, and calm, I don’t mind to pin myself at all. I am injecting into fat (love handles). It starts always like 5 - 6 hours after the shot and it stays for around 1 day. I feel pain in my back which is shooting in chest where hearth is. Its super scary when it comes. Dizziness, nausea, can have head pain, doesn’t have to, can have slightly higher BP, can have very short breath, or just have feeling like breathing via some silk texture (strange smooth blunt felling on lungs like area), hard to explain .

I didn’t sleep every time it happened, because like I said, its very bad and I am always scared I will collapse or die. I even went to EKG, nothing there. In the past I went through strange feelings with Lyme disease, so I am not easy to scare :slight_smile:

I am injecting 0.3ml twice per week. My last blood results were all somehow in norm. Little bit higher cholesterol and really high SHBG >200 nmol/l, estrogen is 102 pmol/l

Systemlord, any ideas?

I had the same reaction to SQ injection, not so on IM injections. I think you will do better on smaller more frequent dosing.

hmm, interesting. Thank you very much Systemlord, will think about it. Somehow I am not sure I want go through that feeling again :slight_smile: Any advice on dosage?