Lyle McDonald

Well, for what it’s worth I didn’t do a depletion workout per se, but just the regular German Body Comp workout, which can probably be considered a depletion workout anyway. I start the carb-ups immediately after Friday’s workout. The only thing I really try to monitor is carbs. I don’t really keep strict track of cals/protein/fat grams but I usually go over the 1 g/lb. on protein, and keep fat to no more than 15 percent of total calories, usually consisting of maybe a couple fish oil caps, a teaspoon of flax or a small amount of walnuts or natural peanut butter. What types of food to eat depend on how strict you want your carb-up. Some eat whatever-whenever, but if you want it done textbook, you might want to minimize any fructose or sucrose so you don’t refill liver glycogen. You should find it’s easier to get back into ketosis by doing so, although if you’re only carbing 24 hrs. and not overdoing the carbs this might not be necessary. Try to use liquid meals for your first couple of meals such as a MRP w. added maltodextrin. Other faves of mine include Corn flakes, barley w. light spaghetti sauce, strawberry egg white pancakes, cream of wheat, and low fat natural granola (although you might want to watch the sugar content). You could also experiment with adding small amounts of creatine to each meal. Your absorption might be better.

BT - I only weigh in @172lbs total weight, though base my calories on lean body weight (141lbs)x 12 cal. per pound of LBW.I’ve been on a “standard” diet for Feb, and my training’d been crap, so I’m going back to Opus though upping the calorie count to 14-5 and dropping all aerobic excercise for Wed & Thurs. I was actually gaining more strength & lean increases by only working out on Mon & Tues which flies in the face of the ridiculos programs I’ve tried over the years (matrix, big beyond belief etc.)

Hey Teddy, ok the carb up this weekend was much harder then not eating carbs during the week!!!..but I did it and it was fun to eat some foods I had been cravin. You say that you did just pro and Glut post-workout untill 8%. Do you still think that staying in Keto (below 30 grams) outweighs the benefits of a MRP postworkout untill 8%. Maybe a low-carb grow would be even better…just a few carbs…??