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Lyle Alzado


A guy on another thread brought up Lyle Alzado as an example of AAS abuse so I decide to Google Lyle and was surprised to find out he died over 15yrs ago. Time flies.

I mean Christ, can't they come up with a more recent AAS related death in the NFL than him? You would think that since he started AAS and playing 37 yrs ago and claimed 90% of the guys took AAS that he played with, there would be HUNDREDS of AAS related deaths just in the NFL. The NFL cancer rate per population would be off the charts.

Has there been a basball related death or am I missing something? (possible)

I mean really, enough with Lyle Alzado. And please, no mention of Chris Benoit, he killed his family. If that was a side effect of AAS I think that would have come to the surface by now. I think everyone is pretty sure his wires were a little crossed. But the media milked it for all it's worth.

One last thing. With the crap you hear from the MDs today about AAS, imagine what they told Lyle in 1992. No wonder he said he wished he never took AAS. [/quote]


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Agreed, Lyle was also the one to claim steroids were to blame. The way he died was no doubt a very horrible and tragic way to go, but he was definitely no docter and all that media attention is still one of the biggest causes of ignorance among people today. Name someone thats died from steroids, " Lyle Alzado". All I ever hear.


If you do a wikipedia search for Lyle Alzado it states, " ...Alzado asserted that his steroid abuse directly led to his fatal illness, but his physician stated it could not possibly be true."


In addition to steroids, Lyle Alzado used recreational drugs. Most importantly, he used growth hormone derived from human corpses and primates.


Don't ask me how I know this, but Lyle Alzado was HIV positive. He died of AIDS. The Raider's organization purposely concealed this from the media.


His brain cancer is extremely rare and usually only found in AIDS cases.


This is true about his brain cancer. Don't forget, the reported cause of death (AAS) may not be the real cause of death. Lyle was married and has a son. There were strong hints of his gay lifestyle that were going to hit the press. What else could they do but blame steroid use?

This is exactly the type of misinformation perpetuated by the Federal government to demonize steroids.


TC just posted the same thing in another thread about his brain cancer. Great minds.


I agree, Alzado's death had very little to do with steroids...unless he was sharing used needles.

I need to do a little more research, but I think one of the closest things you'll find is 2-3 linemen from the 70's era Steelers have died over the last few years in their 50's. I know that a lot of players, especially linemen don't have great quality of life after the league.

However, there have been some statements made like, "...in the 70's everyone on the line was taking steroids, but the Steelers took it to another level." I don't know if it could be directly contributed, but it's similar to that of bodybuilders who die well before "the norm".

Anyway, I'll see if I can find any other information. Hard pill for me to swallow as a lifelong Steelers fan.


Here's what I found in a quick search. These are just Steeler's linemen from the 70's and early 80's:

Ray Mansfield - 55 y/o Massive coronary artery and fatal clot; died while hiking in Grand Canyon

Tyrone McGriff - 42 y/o Heart Attack

Steve Furness - 50's Heart Attack

Mike Webster - 50 y/o Brain Damage?

Jim Clack - 58 Heart Failure, battled Neck & Throat cancer for 4 years before death

Terry Long - 45 y/o suicide, drank antifreeze. Had attempted suicide before after being suspended by NFL for Steroid use. Also suspected brain damage.

Again, there is no emprical evidence that steroid use caused or sped the deaths of these men. As a matter of fact, there may actually be more evidence for several that brain damage had a closer relationship to their deaths. Intersting nevertheless.


I am not really a football fan and I looked up this guy online. The guy had an AIDS related illness that mostly people with AIDS get. Also his Dr's are saying it was not the gear. And other people(family) said he had an alternative lifestyle. You have to remember he was around during the time when AIDS was a rumor. Nobody knew anything about how you get it. And when he died he was quickly buried.

Looks like a duck, walks like a duck, sounds like a duck. Hmmmm I wonder.

Guess its easier to blame a substance that has a media black mark then it is to come out of the closet and tell the truth.


Think there may be any correlation between those guys' brain damage AND gear? I mean, of course they are getting knocked around and what not in the game; but there was some study that came out saying upwards of 10 times the normal amount of test can lead to cell death in the brain... I dunno, just thought I would throw it out there


I doubt it, and the only reason I say that is because the equipment they used to use is far inferior to that used today, and I also don't think the amount of gear used was probably anywhere in the neighborhood of what is used today either.


Further than that, I'd have to see that study. That does not seem easily validated to me at all.