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Lying Tricep Extension

Question on this exercise:

For form and ROM purposes, wouldn’t it be optimal to shift the elbows back just slightly allowing the bar to descend to a lower position? It also seems that the stress on the elbows would be lesser (bottom of movement) as well. Will the greater range of movement increase hypertrophy potential?
I know there are a few different ways to perform this exercise but just had to ask.

All thoughts and opinions appreciated…

This is a “meat and potatoes” exercise for me, besides close-grip benches. While laying on a bench with a SLIGHT incline, I keep my arms about 10 degrees from being perpendicular to the floor. This way there is constant tension on the tris, even at lockout. Keeping my arms more or less from that angle will either take the tension off, or put too much pressure on my shoulders (like a lever).

As far as I know, elbows slightly back is the proper form to do lying tricep extensions. (Refer to King’s articles)

The WS guys lower them to their shoulders, then roll back a couple inches and extend from there.

I like doing them this way, but I’ve been having some troubles with the 'bows so I’m trying to avoid extensions as much as possible.

i normally have elbows just behind . as for inclines just mix it up

Done on an decline, as opposed to an incline, this exercise is more likely to hit all three heads harder.

Flat or decline bench would be superior to an incline, correct? It would be tougher to work through a full ROM on an incline…

Done the way MassNutrition stated, the long head of the tricepts would be stretched more, and thus, would be worked more.

Personally, I use a flat bench, and start the bar directly over my eyes. As I lower it, I allow my elbows to drift forward, so the bar travels in a strait line down to my eyes/forhead. It ends up being almost a press, but it is very effective at stimulating growth in the medial head, where I am lacking and need it.