Lying Single Arm Pullover?

Anyone ever done one with these? Or seem to have a similarly-preferred modified version of this one mentioned

I’m a having a difficult time how this is suppose to look like,tried looking on youtube, but none of the found examples seemed to match this description.

Could it be this? Anyone familiar with this move, if not, whats this one called?

so it’s kinda like a rear delt raise, lateral raise combo thing?

I guess it’d work but it looks pretty awkward to me

The exercise description :

“This is a great exercise to either use in pre-fatigue or post-fatigue supersets.
Lie sideways on your dominant side on your rib cage on a exercise bench. Place a dumbbell overhead at arms?s length in your non-dominant arm. Bring under control the arm down towards the floor. At the bottom position, your upper arm should be slightly behind your head. Here is a tip: as you are nearing the end of the eccentric range, drop slightly your dominant hip towards the ground, this will further increase the stretch on the lats of the non-dominant side. Do your set of chosen reps, take a brief rest, and then repeat by switching sides”

I don’t see how the video you posted could be a lat exercise.

I’m just not sure what other video comes close to that description, you know what Im saying?

what’s the confusion? That description you posted is just a dumbell pullover done lying on your side instead of on your back, using one hand instead of two.

what else do you need to know?

Oh, I guess I just was too slow to realize that, whoops