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Lying Leg Curl Difficulty


This doesn't usually happen, but today on the Lying Leg Curl machine I felt a sharp pulling pain on the inside of my calf. I was taking it kinda jumpy, I normally crank out 10 at 130lbs, and today was 8 at 110. As soon as I noticed I was going quick, I slowed it down, and a few reps later I though by gastroc was gonna snap out.

Maybe im doing something wrong, i've done this excercise before many times no problem, and only now is it giving me trouble.

Any advice?


Theres a lot of nerve endings right in your calf and it is verrry easy to pinch them

It doesn't normally happen during leg curl but I know that since I started doing brazilian jiu jitsu it has been pretty common. I pinched mine a few weeks ago and it still sucks going up a lot of stairs.... try to do leg curls with a slightly different leg placement


you mean calves closer or narrow or the actual pad distance closer to my heel maybe?


Could it be you have a very mild ankle sprain that's being irritated by the leg curls?


Closer to the heel


Be shure to keep your feet at 90° to shins (plantar flexion), in order to reduce gastrocnemius involvement in knee flexion.


Stop doing leg curls.

It's an un-natural motion and not a great way to work the hamstrings even if your only goal is hypertrophy.

There's enough good exercises for the hamstrings that you don't need to find a better way to do a bad one.


Just out of curiousity, what you would suggest a person do when they want to use their hamstrings for knee flexion vs. hip extension?

What is unnatural about knee flexion?


I'm not an expert, but while there is nothing un-natural about knee flexion in itself, I don't think knee flexion with relatively fixed hips and ankle happens very often in the real world.

Lying on your stomach and pulling your ankle to your ass through a fixed plane of motion and against resistance definitely doesn't.


So, maybe substituting with a Romanian stiff-leg Deadlift or something similar? We dont have a Glute/Ham raise structure at our gym, so I need the next best thing.


That depends on your goals, physical limitations / other commitments etc but generally yeah I think any deadlift variation would be far better than leg curl if you're only doing a couple of leg exercises.