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LXG: Not that bad finally

Saw the League of extraordinary gentlemen yesterday.

Critics had trounced the film here. I am surprised at how they mixed up all those of different legendary/out-of-this-world with all of them having equal spotlight. Sort of like those Final Fantasy RPGs. Sure helps when you use classics (vampires, immortals, etc.) and/or archetypes (hunter, thief, tinkerer, etc.).

Good entertainement. No brain gymnastics necessary here.

Big budget helps, too. Nemo`s gadgetry arsenal alone must have kept many CGI technicians busy (and well paid, ehehehe). I found myself more amazed by the grandeur/effect of the settings/objects than trying to find the flaws of the CGI. Good work I guess. ;0)

glad to see someone else found it entertaining
took the misses to see it when it was till in the theater
we had a blast
f!@# critics, have you seen most of these lardasses???
the local female one here could’t get through a revolving door without a crowbar and some of the popcorn butter she takes intraveniously

I absolutely hated it. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

I also paid to see it in a theater, renting a video would have been less painful…