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LW's Aunt ( T-vixen in the making)

Hi, I’m LW’s aunt that he has posted about several times. He is trying to help me get in shape. I started at 250lb 43% bf, I am now down to 241 40.2% but having some water retention problems and trying to come off Maxzide (a blood pressure med).
Anyone going trough something like this or done it in the past? Any ideas or encouragement are welcome!

No advice right at the moment, but a lot of encouragement. Take it slow, realize that getting in shape is a lifestyle change, and get turned on by the alterations that are happening to your body. Give yourself some (non-food!) rewards for each short-term goal reached. For example, after you’ve lost, say ten pounds (or even five), treat yourself to a massage.

Great decision; best of luck!

Well, I got loads of encouragement for you! And if you need more during this process - this is the right place for it. But char-dawg got the right advice for you - reward yourself for every short-term goal you reach.

As for the water-retention problem, could it be one of the side effects of the drug you're taking? I'm not at all familiar with that type of drug - so I can't really give you anything concrete. I really wish I could. But I do commend you and wish you nothing but the best of luck!

First of all congratulations on making the choice to lose weight. My personal advice is to not worry about water retention right now. Your body need H2O to function. In fact drink more water. I drink over a gallon per day. You’ll burn more calories by drinking lots of cold water. Be carful not to drink too much though because it can have some bad side effects. One gallon is where i would draw the line. Anyway here I go rambling again. Bottom line its good that you’ve decided to lose weight. Stay motivated and keep up the good work.
Peace T-Vixen