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LWI: Lifting With Inky


Here I sit, on the eve of my 30th birthday, with some goals in mind for myself. By the end of 2011, I want to be able to squat 350. I want to bench 315. I want to deadlift 495 (pic related). I want to compete again, breaking 1000, and 1100. THIS YEAR.

Is it possible? Yes.

Why do I think so? Because I know so.

I've learned what I need to do to make gains. I've evolved from total newb powerlifter, to one that at least has an idea of the direction to follow. 5/3/1 gave me my wings. Some of Coan's routine's have helped mold me as well. Now I'm following Westside Barbell's way of training with the conjugate training method. I'll continue looking to others for ideas and inspiration.

Today is an off day, and tomorrow as well (aside from a surprise filled day, from what I'm told). Sunday, DE Upper training day, at the commercial gym

Lockout...Work It!



Cool! I'll be following.



happy dance

and looksy you used Inky :wink:


better believe it baby.

edit: just finished reading the kill of your last log. So jelly on the wife wanting to train with you...Wish I could get me a wife... wait what? lolz


Happy Birthday Ink(y)!!!!


Hey and that's AWESOME news about the wife wanting to train!!

you'll have to give me the dimensions of your rack one of these days. haha, dirty mind.

You kwim!!!

*volunteers to be N's wife, wait wut? :slight_smile:


Thanks for following hast

Yeah I did N :slightly_smiling: thanks for the suggestion

Thanks Mim, I can get you some dimensions if ya like.

I ate a ton last night, I'll recap when I get time this weekend.

Off to enjoy a rainy 30th birthday. Can't believe I'm 30. Aged to perfection?



350, 315, 495. Attainable goals BEFORE the end of the year, for sure! No doubt you can make those. Go get it inky!

Isn't inky the name of one of the ghosts from the original Pacman?

Happy 30th!


Happy bday!


Happy Birthday hermanito!!! 30 is a great year - enjoy!


Happy Birthday! Good way to kick off the new log. Kill it!


Happy birthday brother, keep kicking ass


[center]Happy birthday Ink.[/center]


Happy birthday Ink! I'm sure you can smoke those goals as well. LWI!


No, we only get better with age :wink:
..time flies, doesn't it?

I coulda sworn I was 30, 5 minutes ago..31 doesn't count..do over? :slight_smile:


I can't wait to see what this year brings to you, Inkjet~

You're a rising star, and the Metal Gods are with you on this one.


Happy Birthday Ink!

30 was such a good one for me. The year that I embraced my legs and decided to just roll with the gains that I had made in the past instead of trying to fight nature with a bazillion yoga poses. Went back to lifting full-throttle and am so happy that I did!

MiM's right, we get WAY better with age....

Enjoy your day and go rock it in the gym tomorrow. You'll be nailing those goal #s before you know it!


You are 30? Not that it matters, and not that you've shown your face. I thought you were younger for some reason.

I'm in awe of how out of shape people in their 20s are relative to people in their 30s and 40s. Makes me NOT want to be another statistic. Thank god. Quit smoking, quit drinking, been lifting hard, been OTOS.

That momentum carries over into everything else :slight_smile:


oooooh - dirt 30's....

Happy birthday Ink :slight_smile:


Belated happy birthday!

Those are some solid goals. Similar to mine for the year. I'll definitely be following along.


Thanks guys, I know that I can acheive my goals this year, and I'm not fucking around either!

Birthday was great. We went to the Body Worlds exhibit which was crazy and I highly recommend it, I even got a "Strength Training Anatomy" book there, and it's freakin sweet. Saw "Limitless" at the theater, a place I haven't been in a while, hung out with just the wife all day and no kids; it was sweet! Food this weekend was killer as well.

I had several pounds of steak, potatoes, asparagus, some awesome hot dogs from a truck at the Phoenix Farmer's Market, cake and sweets like I was a kid again. In fact, right now I'm finishing off my wife's leftover 20oz ribeye from Friday. Breakfast of champions!

Did a DE Upper workout at home with the wife yesterday, have her on 5/3/1 for now, but I did my own shit.

Bar x 15
Bar + mm's x 10
95mm x 3 x 3 (1 set at each grip, close, med, wide)
115mm x 3 x 3
135mm x 3 x 3
*Everything felt great, fast, light.

Floor Press
155 x 10
175 x 10
195 x 10

warmup x 10
135 x 10 x 2
135 x 8 (Might have been able to throw 2 more up, but didn't want to turn it into an olympic lift)

That was it. The kids were climbing all over shit, and we were hungry for breakfast yesterday, so that was it. Feel fine today, no DOMS yet, ready to squat tonight!