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Luther - Watch It


Idris Elba delivers.


I'm very interested in the second season.


When does it start?

I like the hot psycho.


I watched this series!Oh god it was so good!I cant wait for the new season!Its also cool to see an actor who looks like he lifts every once and a while!


Good series, a little cliche in certain parts like the female captain who let's him do whatever he wants. Aside from that I love the dynamic between him and the psycho ginger. The way the last season ended left you wanting for more. Can't wait for the next season.


I finally watched the season 2 premier tonight, and holy smokes! This show is very good at being creepy and keeping you in suspense. I find that the nature of the crimes makes the stuff we have on CSI or SVU or whatever seem like an episode of Seinfeld. I'm very excited for the new season.


"Luthor...Watch it." -Superman


He's very cool, liked his performance in RocknRolla and Losers.


Where can you find it in the states?


Haven't seen the series, myself, but they show it on BBC America.


Great show. Thoroughly enjoyed the first series. Idris Elba looks good as usual. I really liked him in The Wires series as Stringer.

Maybe the show is on BBC America if you live in the US of A... not sure if the BBC has got iPlayer option for the States though.


If you have Comcast it is available for free On Demand. It's also available on Netflix instant view.


Anyone abroad (relative to the UK) who wants UK tv - look into thebox.bz


This show kept popping up on my netflix recommended to watch instantly list.

So, I clicked play.

And guess what!


It's not about Superman's arch nemesis.