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Has anyone used it, if so please explain what the hell you were thinking,Just kidding. I was wondering what kind of results you got and how bad was the pain. I herd from a source that it is the most painful thing out there and you better have some vicodan, oxycontin, nubain and valium ready. Thanks

Never heard of Lutalyse, sounds like its intended for localized muscle swelling/growth. Is that the case? If its so painful that you’d need a gang a dope to get through it I hope the gains are great and long lasting.

From what I’ve herd it causes localized muscle growth. Youe get great results from what I’ve seen (4inches per leg gained in 1 month) but i here it is dangerous as hell. I also herd that it doesn’t make you flat like d-synthol you keep your striations and seperation. But I have only seen it from 1 person.

I am interessted as well! Just want to keep this mes. up! Please anyone???

Yo 21inch guns, Lutalyse is used for estrus synchronization in livestock. It induces menstration and causes uterine contractions in animals. Personally I think you’re playing with fire by messing with Lutalyse. I think anything that induces menstration in dairy cows has no business being injected in humans. Also FYI, if a pregnant woman is exposed to Lutalyse it can cause spontaneous abortion…Out

LUTALYSE can cause “real” localized muscle growth (not swelling or bullshit like synthol) but can painful and dangerous to play with. Some users are using Phlojel or DMSO to apply this transdermally as it is a little safer and less painful than injections. Either way it should never be used while on androgens (too strong effect) and will probably lower strength temporarily while on (will return to normal when off). I’ve heard it’s a great way to gain in problem areas (just avoid forearms & bi’s as this is too painful) and has great fat burning effects - raises body temp like DNP. If you know what you’re doing you can get it through vet supply companies instead of the black market.

I have been on for a while, using only in arms - have put about an inch on guns in 2 months, while losing bodyfat. Pain is tolerable (barely) problem is that you get sever diahrea (sp?) within 10 min of injecting. Also, if you take too much at once, (2ml plus), you are apt to puke.

Lutalyse works synergistically with insulin - having high levels of insulin ensures maximal growth from the lutalyse. Take your injections 30min after your post workout shake, and you will get a huge pump, and will knock youself straight into ketosis. Lutalyse is useful for losing bodyfat both because of this, and because it can actually cause fat cell death - try injecting subcutaneously over your abs a few times!

Ummm… did nobody see NK’s post? Menstration, uterine contractions, and spontaneous abortions in livestock!!! I want NO part of that shit. RUN AWAY… RUN AWAY. I mean I like a pump as much as the next guy, but UTERINE CONTRACTIONS!!! That’s below average. Please think about what you are putting in your body!

Bruscar, do you know what UTERINE CONTRACTIONS are??? Do you have a uteris?? If not, there is no need to worry.

Jim, I would imagine UTERINE CONTRACTIONS, are contractions of the uterus, which induce child birth. But then again, I’m not a doctor. I also believe menstruation is when the uterus sheds it’s layer of blood. My point being, I don’t care if I don’t have a uterus, this is a substance intended for freaking female cows! If it comes in contact with the skin of a human female, and they happened to be pregnant, their child would be aborted. I don’t know, call me crazy, but I’d rather not mess with it. 21 inch guns asked if anyone knew anything about it. I offered my OPINION, that I felt it was dangerous. If you want to do it, that’s fine. I feel there are better ways to improve my body than injecting myself with a substance that is meant to induce labor in cattle. Again, just my opinion.

Jim Ellis: Just because a man doesn’t have a uterus doesn’t mean, “don’t worry about it” in reference to Lutalyse. We’re talking about a serious drug, and to take it lightly is a mistake. As far as I know, the effects of Lutalyse in humans, let alone men, are not certain. At least when bodybuilders use drugs intended for animals, like fina and equipoise, they are being used for the same effects that are intended for the animals. Now, messing with a livestock drug such as Lutalyse, and using it for something completely different than its intended purpose, is stupid. There are safer ways to push the envelope. One thing I do know for certain about Lutalyse is that my girlfriend works at a dairy and is required to were protective gloves whenever handling this stuff…not my idea of a worth wild drug, just my 2 cents.

Bruscar, don’t get bent out of shape - BUT, make sure you focus on real side effects that apply to males. Lutalyse is dangerous, just like ANY crap that is used for body building vs the original intended purposes. However, just like Fina - there are plenty that have experimented with it and have found careful use to have benefits. There are many things I wouldn’t try, but I guarantee you, when/if I try something I’ve done a hell of alot of research and know the real consequences.