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I don’t do GHRs anymore since I no longer have access, but I think switching to those from RDLs is a good idea if you want to mitigate fatigue but still do something for the posterior chain. RDLs always cripple me, regardless of the volume, intensity, and frequency. Never had any DOMS from GHRs.

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Yea agreed with all of the above, GHRs don’t give me doms but doing them is painful (in a good way) when I’m doing them, RDLs frequently give me doms, which makes me want to do them more though, but will be sensible about that.

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Week 2: Monday

kB swing: 24kg X 5 X 5 sets
Squats: 60, 100, 120, 135kg X 3, 152.5kg X 10
Cable crunch: 40kg X 10 X 5 sets

Done in 20 mins

Poundstone curl - empty bar X 100! Finally got there in one (brief pause at 75 I think then occasionally stops not pauses)

GHR: X 12 + 12 band supported (drop set)

Amazed how effective that GHR drop set was, I can barely walk. Happy to reach 100 on the curls both that and GHRs were harder than the squats haha, although they were harder today, not well recovered from Saturday.

Short on time and probably did this whole session in 27/28 minutes so that was a very efficient session. Weight and eating need work.




If you want ideas for how to stop yourself walking, the “train your ass off series” has some brutal stuff, including a killer GHR “thing”

Was a completely unintended consequence, not an aim (generally want to be able to walk/run in emergency situations).

But I’ll take a look thanks!

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Thanks, next week is 160kg, aiming for 10 again, 152 wasn’t particularly hard, only made slightly harder by left over fatigue from Saturday and rushing through the session and the lift itself (fell forward, inconsistent patterns, rushing it big time).


How can you be so damn good at squats, and absolutely terrible* at everything else?

*Okay, not terrible. But screw you and those squats.


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That is some nice squatting mate. Good work.

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Pretty sure those pics were shopped. Besides, we all know that quads are not the fully story where squats are concerned.

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Are you saying he doesn’t normally have a smiley face over his dick?

And yeah, I’m aware that quads are not the be all end all of big squats but they do seem to go hand in hand. See also: @simo74 @kleinhound


Mine must be photoshopped then cause my squat isnt really that great. Should have tagged @guineapig in for big squats and big quads.


I don’t have access to his OnlyFans

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I’m sure his wife would have something to say about that if he did. Although, Studies show that positive injunctive norms like smiley faces tend to increase performance


I don’t think my squats are that good, I think they just look good because as you say:

Genuinely if I had a 250kg dead doing sets of 10 with 150/160kg on squats wouldn’t be that impressive.

I do love my “growths” (what my wife calls them, I think she’d be much happier if I was a proper bro, no legs all arms amd chest - she’s repeatedly tried to get me to buy a tank top) but I don’t think I’m a quad dominant squatter, mostly hips and hammies, I have a very wide stance (close to my sumo stance). Not sure where the quads even came from since squat is literally it for my quads.

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Good job she doesn’t frequent this site, no one will ever know the truth!

I refute any accusations of PEE’s (performance enhancing emojis).

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I think my professors would be very proud of my applications of class material on this site :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Week 2, Wednesday

Cable row: 80kg X 15, 100kg X 15 X 4 sets
Bench: 60, 70kg X 5, 80, 90kg X 3, 102.5kg X 10
GHR: 6 X 5 sets
Ab rolls: 6 X 5 sets

Cgbp: 90kg X 5 X 4 sets
Bb curl: 45 X 5 X 4 sets
Cable crunch: 40kg X 10 X 4 sets

Dips: 20kg X 10 X 4 sets
Ng chins: 20kg X 3 X 4 sets
Cable crunch: 40kg X 10 X 4 sets

Annoyed at the bench, hit the J cups multiple times and threw me off, mentally wasn’t quite there either, wanted 12 again, this is becoming a theme, I might go back to eating my way to progress.

Rest of the stuff was fine. Really crap sleep recently, ended up napping on the sofa at lunch break. Trying to sort this out as it’s mostly within my control (pager went off a couple of times last night, but before this it’s been dead so no excuse).

Switched around gs2 & 3 so I didn’t have tooce bench twice, weights on cgbp and curls are right now, will try and increase reps once it’s 8 every set weight will go up. As a result of the switch the chins were harder, but manageable keeping weight fixed there until 8s on chins and 20s dips, no need to rush progress on these, I think weight increases will just lead to worse ROM and form, so want to dominate that weight before I increase.

Going well so far, enjoying training a bit more now, mag/ort has a deload every 4th week, I’ll follow that for deads, and will deload squats on the 4th week, might not deload bench or press, then might deload them on the 8th week.