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Lurking on a Monolith

Hershey’s 100% cacao

I usually use 1tbsp of each as a little pre-bed snack (carbs before bed = better sleep)

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Today is squat testing - @anna_5588 the stress/exhausted PRs better work out today, went to bed just before 12, alerter went off at 1 got back in at 330, went off again at 4 (I hadn’t got back to sleep fortunately), got back in at 4.15, alarm went off at 6.30. Work has been stressful and hectic today and all week. Therefore my PR should be flipping massive!

The first shout was fun though, got to rescue some furry 4 legged things from an actual residential fire.


I feel I have learned some important new words today.

There is a positive, exponential correlation between amount of stress and size of PR

Genius! It’s all true!


Deloaded conditioning, nice thing is this barely got me out of breath or sweating and it wasn’t a terrible pace, think it was a similar pace to previous PRs that would have had me blowing hard, another 5 mins at that pace would have been ok, but I had a weird pain in my groin and a desire not to be overly worn down by conditioning.

Main event:
kB swings: 24kg X 5 X 3 sets,
Squats: 60, 80, 100 X 5, 120, 140, 160, 180, 190kg X 1



Oh yea, they didn’t even feel hard and I would have pushed for the 200 if it weren’t for the fact I wasn’t overly happy on depth for either of them, and my knee started getting slightly grumbly, I didn’t want to get an even higher lift and aggravate my knee in the process, I was happy with 190 (that was my goal for the day) and I’m confident that I could have hit better depth and it wouldn’t have been an issue.

Nice thing is I fell forward slightly and that put me slightly out of position (the strain in the middle) on 190 and it didn’t phase me.

As previously mentioned I’m tired and had a stressful day, I also didn’t eat lunch till 4pm (I suck at eating stressed), and lost 2lbs overnight (which i think is mostly dehydration from late night sweating, but still irritating), but that’s blown out everything, feel great now.

200kg next (and at depth!).


Congrats mate!
I already felt like you could have hit better depth easily if you wanted when you were squatting 170 a bit ago. Didn’t feel like calling that out since you’re not competing and “depth” is ultimately arbitrary.
I think you can hit that deeper no doubt. Just gotta get used to it with high intensities.

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Haha appreciate the sentiment not calling me out but feel free too anytime.

I think it’s the psychology of having PR weights (all 3 of those weights were PRs) on the back, nice thing is now they aren’t PR weights my confidence will increase and I’ll push the depth - don’t want @carlbm calling foul when I beat him to 200!


Nice job! You just flew right past my arbitrary lifetime goal of 4 plates (405 lbs).

I think stopping at that depth is harder. If I go a little lower than your squat then I get some help from my hammies.

Dude - you got 200kg in there. That flew up. I saw the little slow down but honestly I think 200kg is well within your capacity.

Give me till late October and I’ll be doing 5 sets of 1. And then ill be looking for 200kg.
Edit - so you have 5 weeks to find 10kg.

Thanks dude squat is definitely one of my favourites (in a love hate way) really pleased to have that milestone ticked, I’ll revisit it and make sure it looks pretty next time, depth isn’t normally something I struggle with so looking forward to nailing it properly. Still got a way to go to catch you on that deadlift though (Unless I pull something miraculous out of the bag Monday).


To be fair I would have gone for 200kg today if knees were 100% and depth was decent but I thought no point pushing it given the circumstances, but 190kg was out of groove and still didn’t lose it so I think I can hit 200 soon - might take it for a trial end of next week before BtM!

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Iv re watched the video. I can see what you mean about “high”. But honestly you’re like 2-3cm off. It’s hardly worth talking about.

But I also know what you mean about not quite being there - so coming back later to try again. With you breakng 200kg this early (as if you try again I’m convinced you will) you and I will have to find a new weight to race to.

What’s your poison?

Haha, love the vote of confidence thanks Carl, wait and see what next week brings but if I hit the 200kg, race to 220? I’d suggest another lift but I think you’ve got me beat by a long stretch on deads and my deadlift moves super slow, and probably same for ohp? But ohp race is always good (not sure either of us will beat @simo74 for grinding the ohp though).


I agree with this 100% I can guarantee next time you test, you’ll do 200kg comfortably.

Who doesn’t love a long slow grind. Get after it mate.

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Latest blood test came back today:

Total C decrease, hdl increase, LDL decrease, triglycerides decrease. Winning - diets not affecting this much at all.

You guys use a different measuring system for blood work, too. Why are we so weird?

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No idea if blood test is good or bad.

But yeah race to 220kg squat. I like a big squat.

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Caught your typo, man. No worries


I think it’s mostly just not awful considering how bad I eat.

Your 20 rep set at 130kg gave that away!

220’s on (once 200 goes down!)