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Lurking: A Study


I hereby request the assistance of the collective T-Nation population, yes, even 2009'ers, in this quasi-official study of lurking.
I feel this is an undiscussed opic and we need to delve into it.

How long did you lurk? What made you come out of lurking? Have you told your family about the lurking? Do you fall back into periods lurking or was your coming-out permanent?

The floor is open.


I'm a professional lurker. It's simply what I do best: hardcore lurking. occasionally chuckling. absorbing as much useful information of this site as possible. then some more lurking.
why? well, I'm very talented with the search function and as long as I don't have the training experience of several years of hardcore training I'm not giving any training advice. better no advice than bullshit advice. so I'll lurk some more...


I lurked until I got inspired.

I've been working out for a few years pretty steadily but nothing too serious.
I was watching Rocky III, which I'd seen a hundred times, but for some reason I took extra notice that day in 2007. Something about T, Clubber Lang, do this bare bones workout and becoming a fuckin' monster really inspired me.

I lurked until Mr. T pitied me into posting. I asked best workout advice to get that way and no one told me shit, just lots of insults.

So, I went over the forum and took info from here and there, I even read Arnold Schwarzenegger's Encyclopedia to modern bodybuilding.

I put on some mass and workout hard regularly now. I still have trouble toning, I just need to focus on a healthier diet now.

So, in short, Mr. T got me out of my lurking habits.




Been lurking since 2007. Should have registered back, but now I will forever carry a 2009 join date... :frowning:


I still lurk most of the time. I get a stupid +1 here and there (+1!) but I mostly just read the collective experiences of the more advanced members here.


I'm in my junior year of lurking. Occasional posts in random threads happen now and then, but lately the threads here in Get a Life are full of suck. So I have reverted back to lurking.


I also was a long time lurker before I registered. I'm not sure just how long but it was quite a few years.

I came out of lurking for something really lame, but I went right back.


It certainly is. So amazing that I suggest the official motto of T-Nation be changed to 'Search first and ask questions later'.


I still lurk on occasion. I really only post if I feel something relevant to say. I don't think it matters if people lurk; how does it harm anthing?


sephysto is still kicking major fucking ass here guys...

I think he has lurker of the decade wrapped up at this point.


i lurked for several years, signed up posted a few times and resumed lurking. There's too much dick measuring on most of the forums for me to want to post, usually by people that are in average shape too.

....and now back to some lurking.


4 years and 1 post... sephysto is pro lurker.


I have been lurking ever since i joined & i dont think i have 20 posts yet. I read almsot everything on this site. I dont feel the need to comment as most post get more than enough responses. I have learned quite a bit from T-Nation over the years. Besides I get asked enough questions at the gym or while I'm training clients. Back to lurking I go...


Lurked for about a year before joining. I still go through spurts of activity, and then back to lurking. I share the general sentiment of not needing to +1 a bunch of posts most of the time.


Are we talking about lurking as in lurking in the shadows of the alleyway near our house waiting for drunk college chicks to walk by on their way home from the bars so we can kidnap them and lock them in the bomb shelter under our house and watch them fly into hysteria through the closed-circuit surveillance camera in there? If so, I've been doing that for about a year now.


Dark Cloud and sephysto extreme lurkers.


I've brought something similar up before. I don't see the point in lurking. How can you read threads and not reply to them? granted, not all, but certainly many. Not so much giving advice, but just participating in general on GAL or SAMA forum


But, but... but we are men, isn't just about everything that comes out of our mouths a pissing contest? I mean, isn't that generally the way life works?

Man 1: "blah blah blah" (Translates to: I have the biggest penis in the room)
Man 2: "Fuck you, blah blah blah" (Translates to: Fuck you, my penis is bigger)
Man 3: "Blah, blah blah blah" (Translates to: Wow, look at her titties)


I lurked for a couple of months before I figured I figured I had this INCREDIBLY important question that COULDN'T be answered with the search function about the V-Diet.

I posted, and instead of giving me answers, the D-bags in the BB forum asked me about my diet and stuff. Then they moved my thread to the beginner forum where no one read it or replied. So I found myself posting in SAMA a lot for my first year. I think everyone does.