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I don't get it. Why would someone "lurk" on a message board?

am I the only one that finds it odd?


I don't find it odd. So, out of the two of us then, yes you are the only one that finds this odd.

I lurk boards to just get information without contributing in any way. Actually, when I just typed that I felt incredibly evil. lol.


now this is a lurker!


I've read a good number of threads in which I never posted since I had absolutely nothing to contribute. Does that make me a lurker in those threads and hence odd?

There's a lot of good user-generated information floating around in the T-Nation forums (and on the internet in general). Are you saying that gathering some of this information without ever contributing is somehow odd?

Oh shoot, you just lured me out of that corner I was hiding in.

goes back to lurking


Entertainment value, honestly.


haha.. sc2 beta please come my way...


Well I'm definitly a lurker. I've been reading this site and the forums regularly since I started lifting in 2002. I never registered or posted for so long because I didn't really have anything to say. When I first started lifting I came here to learn, and I knew I didn't have anything to contribute to the group. I didn't ask questions, because I read the forums and articles (I've probably read 95% of the articles on this site, and 95% of the articles on elitefts) so what I wanted to know I was able to find the answer to.

Now I have experience, and I would contribute, but someone else usually answers first. So that's why I lurk. What's wrong with that?



KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!


I do a lot of lurking and I'm registered here.. I just have too many opinions to sit back and watch everything happen


All I have to say is that Sc2 will fucking own.


I agree with you Jehova, I don't understand it myself. If I didn't run my mouth, I just wouldn't be me.


I also lurked for a few years before I finally started posting.

P.S - I want SC2 already so bad.


Its good to know that there are more SC fans on this site.


I lurked in order to learn enough to post an educated post in my field of interest. The rest as they say is history.




I lurk because as a beginner I don't feel I have much to contribute. Tons of good info on these threads though.

Example: I learned how important shoe size is to bf% estimation in RMP.


There are a lot of people who post on this forum who should stick to lurking.

That TYPE2B kid who has been trolling it up in strength sports for the past week or so and has now discovered SAMA...he needs to do much more reading and much less clicking of the "New Thread" icon.


6 billion people in the world, we aren't all the same.


i never have anything worthy to contribute so i keep my mouth shut and read stuff when im bored.
btw number 34 your avatar made me go watch that sketch again and im glad because it is hilarious. the end
see nothing good to contribute


I was lurking for nearly a year until I started posting last week. I don't really see why you'd post if you've got nothing to say.