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Lurker Winner!

And the winner of our “Free Stuff for Lurkers” giveaway is…


Congrats, two tubs of Low Carb Grow! and a naked picture of Tim Patterson are on the way!

Phyllis, congratulations, you lucky she-devil, you!!!

I see how you guys are. I try and try and win these contest, but no. I get my mom on here and finally twist her arm enough to post for the first time and bam “Your the winner.”

Thank you all from me. Saved me some long disance shopping for a while. I wont have to order the Grow and have it shipped to her.

Rest assured it will go to great use.

Congrats, mom.

Nice prize Phyllis!

I can buy my own Grow, but that pic is priceless!!!
No selling that on eBay now!!


You mean…I didn’t win?

hmm, I should have made an account for my mom also. Good thinking. :slight_smile:

“See kids, you tried and you failed. The lesson here is… Never try.” - The Honorable Homer Simpson lol