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Lurker From Out of the Shadows


Hands Up Don't shoot! Friendlies!

Couldn't find the "lurkers post here" thread so I decided I'd open up my own private one. Selfish, but hey we all have our vices, no?

I've been lurking around T-Nation for quite some time, and although I can't consider myself a full-fledged body builder (cross-training and intense bouts of cardio are the nature of my life), I come back daily if not for the invaluable tidbits of general weightlifting knowledge readily gleaned from the spectacular articles, than for Atomic Dog at least. A week without Atomic Dog is like a lifetime of abstinence; yeah it might make you a better person, but it sure as hell doesn't make you a man.

Can't say I intend on posting regularly, as I don't consider my personal opinion on many topics (especially bodybuilding) worthy of even the time it would take several more versed individuals here to peruse them, but I felt I should at least identify myself and say hello.

Excellent to be a member!


Thanks!...I think.

Welcome! Glad to have you come out from behind the woodwork.


Haha, that doesn't stop a lot of people here.


damn doood....beat me to it!