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Lurker Becoming a Member

Hey T-Nationers, I've been a lurker here for about three years and have finally decided to become a member.  Don't know why I took so long.  I love all the info and advice on this site and respect Mr. Thibs and the rest of the crew.  I used to lurk on another bodybuilding site, and although it may be ok for noobs, I found that it didn't have much for me anymore.

 I am 34 years old and have been training for about 16 years.  I have made good progress in that time, but have spun my wheels alot as well.  I am currently 5'06'', 170 lbs with about 12-13% bf.  i started at a skinny-fat 115 lbs.  I hope to continue to learn advanced concepts so that I can apply them to myself and family.  I am married with 2 kids.


Welcome. =)


Welcome aboard bruddah! Step right up, pull up a seat, and become one of us... one of us, one of us!


("Mr. Thibs"... sounds like a soda -lol)


Thanks guys

To Mighty Stu: I wanted you to know that I have gotten quite a few pointers from you and Prof X, and other established members, and I appreciate it. I've never competed and I respect the courage and dedication that it takes to get onstage.


Welcome! What took you so long? :stuck_out_tongue:

What main pointers have you learned from your lurking btw? Anything changed your opinion on training (especially since you've been training for so long)? What's your training style like (e.g. volume/frequency/exercise preference)?


Also what is your address and telephone number? Social security number? Any tattoos or birth marks? Also, are you susceptible to any diseases?


Welcome! Good to see another short guy.



I've played around with alot of routines over the years. Right now my training schedule is determined by work and family. I work a rotating shift and only have time to workout on my days off. One week I'll workout Monday-legs, Tuesday-chest, Friday-back, and Sat-shoulders/arms. The next week I'll workout Wednesday-legs/chest and Thursday-Back/shoulders and I may touch on arms. I workout at home and can't workout when the kids are sleeping=too noisy.
Lately, after IBB and the latest indigo spills, I've incorporated the perfect rep and began using Active Rest in order for my sessions to be more intense but shorter. This has helped. I tend to do better with high volume once a week for each body part. I did enjoy DC for a short time but it was hard getting home at 7:30pm, eating supper and working out at 9:00. I have thought about switching up some and having a pressing day with chest/shoulders on Wednesday and a posterior chain day with legs/back on Thurs for my long weeks at work.


I'm so sorry for not being an unsociable miserable sod :slight_smile:

Is training talk forbidden in here?

Thank you for sharing!


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