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Fellow T-Nation members,

I have to say that over the past 12 months of (serious) training, this website has given me a plethora of knowledge and wisdom about the weightlifting world that even if all of the other related sites combined their information they would still pale in comparison. You all have provided me with some top-notch stuff, so I decided it was time to stop lurking around this holy grail of gym-inspired enlightenment and bring myself into the great discussions that take place on this forum.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am currently a junior in the exercise and sport science department at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. I was a cross country runner all through high school, and started lifting my freshman year of college. Needless to say I was a complete idiot because of the way I trained, but as time has gone on I’d like to say I have improved in some aspects.

Last December I became interested in powerlifting, and competed in my first competition this past March. I am currently training for another in October.
For now I don’t have anything else to share, but I look forward to collaborating with all of you in the near future.


Welcome in the family! I, just like you just stopped lurking after a year and a half of religiously reading T-Nation every single day. Why not before? Because I didn’t have anything relevant to add before now. I prefer to shut up, listen, and SEEK information by myself instead of asking pointless questions.
Unfortunately that also mean I’m a 09’er but oh well, I guess it will only get worse in '10.
I’m also in the same field as you, it’s called Kinesiology here in Quebec.

See you around!

Welcome as an active member of the forum. I’m usually a lurker as well, however, I signed up years ago so that others wouldn’t automatically assume I’m a newbie even though I’ve been here for years…especially since my post count is low.

Having a good avatar helps alleviate the perception of newbieness =)