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I don't hear much about them.... how many do ya'll do every week? and what do you think for girls... higher weight or more reps and sets? thanks


I do walking lunges just about every other leg day. Sometimes heavier weight, like 80# BB, and smaller sets. Occasionally I use the 50 or 60 pounder and walk around the perimeter of the gym for a few sets.

The important question is what are your goals? Or the goals of the girl you are asking about? Heavier weights will add some size of course, but for me I think it's better to mix up both styles of training.
Good luck!


I just started adding them into my routine again (I change my exercises every 3 weeks) and I realy like them.

They kick my ass, almost literally. I get real sore from them.

I think they're great for finding/fixing an imbalance in your legs and for building stablization muscles.

I think we don't hear much about them because, although they're a compound movement, you usually can't use an incredible amount of weight with them (relativley of course) as compared to squats or deadlifts.


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Lunges are deadly, and I love em. I did lunges the other day with no weight and got sore as hell. It was my first leg day in over 6 months. I'm still sore from them.


i do tons of lunges.i do them almost every time i am in the gym.first,i start with olympic lift after warm-up and then proceed with one-legged lift-either lunges or step-ups or pistols.i progressivelly increase weight each set until i have 180 lb. on a bar and then i do about 3 reps per leg for 8-10 sets.ITS ONE OF THE BEST EXERCISES FOR LEGS.vary weight and reps each sesssion.woman and men should lift heavy to be strong,athletic and good looking.
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i do i do i do lunges!


They're one of my favourite lower body exercises, but also one of the hardest.

It depends on your goals as to what rep range you should do. To add mass, 6-12 reps is ideal. To add tone without much of a size increase (there will always be some, but this is always desirable, if you are overweight, continue with lunges whilst on a fat loss program) do 15-20 reps. This is very painful however!

Great exercise.


I really like them- I have been getting very enthusiastic about unilateral lifts recently. They let you know exactly where you are weak AND help you correct the weakness= brilliant!


stallion, that was something to see!

I do lunges onto a box every Monday for the last couple months. I let my back knee go below the top of the box, but I don't hit the floor with it like in stallion's video. And I was happy to work up to 195 for 6 reps this past Monday...pounds that is! Nowhere near 170kg.