Lunges vs Goblet Squats

I know it is just assistance but I am starting to help train friends mostly late 50s to early 60s.

Which assistance would you suggest someone to start out first lunges or goblet squats.

I have someone who has been doing the main lifts 5 Pros+FSL following 2x2x2 but wanting to start to add assistance. The others are determined.

Here is what is planned.
Squat 5 Pros + FSL
Bench 5 Pros + FSL
Pull down (He can’t do chins) 3-5×10
DB Press (He can’t do dips) 3-5 ×10
Back Extension 3-5×10

Deadlift 5 Pros +FSL
Press 5 Pros +FSL
Inverted Row 3-5×10
Push ups 3-5×10
Lunget or Goblet squats 3-5x10

Thanks in advance.

I think for most people goblet squats will be easier to learn and reinforce the squatting pattern.

Lunges introduce an element of balance into the equation, which for most trainees is probably a good thing, but may not be the case for older folks just trying to stay limber.

DB squats - it’s not even close.

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Lunges are hard on the knees…old people have old knees

Mid 50’s here. I can do them all, and I don’t have old knees.
I refuse to be old.
DB/KB squats are superior.
But I would say if the lack a bit of mobility/agility start the workout with 10 walking lunges each leg amongst the jumps and throws.


58 here.
Great mobility and practical is doing pushups or sit-ups or any other floor based exercise between sets.
Get up and down without holding onto a bench, or other object.
Doesn’t sound challenging, but many 50+ folks have a hard time doing this.
Squats beat lunges always.
Calisthenics will also help or be a option between sets.
Personally I didn’t enjoy the 2x2x2.
A day dedicated to each main lift and incorporating 25-100 reps from the 3 categories in Beyond works better for me.
5 progression, FSL and the 3 categories. Give a full body styled training session with an emphasis on a particular lift. Allows for recovery and progress.
I train every other day with 2 days off at the end of the wave, if needed. Rarely feel the need to deload.
Good luck