Lunges - Question

I have a question about lunges. When you do them, do you step back between every rep? Meaning, I start out with both feet together. Then I step out with the right foot, lower down to where my left knee almost touches the ground, and then raise back up. At this point, would you move your right foot back next to your left foot and then step out again? Or would you stay with your right foot out front and lower back down? Thanks.

You can do them in a lot of ways. Use them all. Dynamic, Walking, Static, Explosive, Elevated… Periodize styles. Find what works best and use that mostly.

You can do either, one is normally referred to as static lunges (R leg up and down) and the other dynamic (or similar name) and is where you return to start position and do other leg and back to start etc. Each has benefits, dynamic requires a lot more co-ordination and balance. You can also try walking lunges where you get d/bells and basically walk with extra long strides. Whichever one you do they are horrible but good.

Thanks - I am doing the Ian King “limping” series and he says to do static lunges. I had been doing what I now know as dynamic lunges after lots of heavy squats and it was killing me (but, hey, maybe that was the point). Thanks again.