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Lunges hurt me

What workout can be done in place of lunges? When I do them, it hurts really bad between my quads and my hips (in front, only on the back leg whichever way I’m doing it). I’m thinking about one-legged squats with the controlled rack or good mornings.

Stretch your psoas.

I second ryno’s comment. Sounds like the hip flexors are tight. Do you have an anterior pelviv tilt and protruding abs?

Well, should lunges be done in a walking motion, one leg at a time, or with pulses?

What exactly does anterior pelvic tilt mean?

You can do all kinds of lunges.

Static - leave one leg out in front the whole time and do your set.

Alternating - step out and switch legs every time

Walking - ya know…

Split squat - not exactly a lunge, but similar… your back foot is elevated on a bench

great ass lunges - these are pretty cool - http://t-mag.com/html/body_146short.html

Heather-Lunges can be done statically or dynamically in a walking or set-in-one-place manner. There is no “right” way, as it depends entirely on your goals.

Here’s a link that Google Search dug up for anterior pelvic tilt. It’ll save me an explanation:)


ant pelvic tilt kinda looks looks like your ass sticks out and your lower abs poke out even if you are lean. you pelvis is tiled anteriorly (to the front) usually due to muscle imbalances (quads/hammys/hip flexors/extensors/abs/lower back).
Strengthen hammies and abs, stretch lower back and quads.

First of all…Thanks for the advice…

Ryno-I have done those stretches a couple of times and they seem to be working a little. I am doing lunges today so I guess I will see if that is what it was :slight_smile:

Cressey-On the site you sent me there was a test you could do to see if you have an ant pel tilt…I did it and I can fit both of my hands behind my back with one on top of the other so…I evidently have a little bit of one. Is there anything I can do to correct it?


stretch the crap out of your hip flexors and strengthen your hammies and lower back.