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Lunges and Unsteady Leg Movement

Whenever I do dynamic lunges (where for each rep I step forward, then step back) my legs sometimes wobble after landing as well as after pushing off. Does this mean that I am not ready to do this variation of lunging and instead should do something like reverse lunges, or should I just lower the weight, or should I not worry about it because it’s just my body not being used to it?

If the wobbling is so pronounced you feel you may fall over or injure yourself, then you should lower the weight so you can focus on balance and form. Lunges are a unilateral exercise and can reveal imbalances, yet the movement also works them out over time.

Your being unsteady could simply be related to strength, or something such as tight hip flexors or an imbalance like one glute firing more optimally than the other. The latter will become apparent if you begin making note of differences between each side whenever you do the exercise.

your balance will improve quickly man. I remember when I first started doing bulgarian split squats I was all over the place, but your technique’ll improve quickly and you’ll be fine