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Lunge to Squat Strength Ratio?


What does everyone think is a 'normal' or average lunge (knee scraping the floor) and a raw, below parallel back squat ratio?


Don't think there is a standard ratio, most would agree lunges don't have much carry over I think.




I think he means like if you can lunge 135 on your back, you can squat 3x that or whatever (just an example)


Consider who asked the question.


Why would such a ratio be relevant?


It's not relevant .


So what should be my seated unilateral calf raise with a 20 second squeeze and 20 second stretch to deadlift ratio be?


It should be 32.6950483965% of your deadlift


Barbell lunge should be 70% of your squat max.




I've heard the back squat should be 100 pounds higher. Obviously these figures could be subject to change according to how much one squats.


Honestly I just made that up based on my own lifts. But it's something to shoot for either by increasing lunge weight or increasing squat weight.