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Lunge/Step Up Substitutes


Hi ive just finished the first week of Waterbury method. After todays trip to the gym i feel that lunges really dont do much for me. Ive loaded up the weight with as much as i can grip but it just doesnt feel like its hitting anything. I was wondering whether it would be better to substitute this for a 4x6 front squats? i was previously doing lift fast get big and front squats were a great leg workout for me.


Do not substitute a bilateral exercise for a unilateral one. If you're bored with regular lunges, try reverse lunges, split squats, Bulgarian squats...see articles...


If you're lifting all the weight you can grip, then try putting a barbell on your back. This will increase the loading.

You can't substitute unilater for bilater. That is the whole purpose of the lunges and step ups being in the program.

Also, you might want to start beter training your grip.


Thanks for clearing this up guys im going to have a go with the barbell on shoulders.