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Lunge Replacement


If you could replace lunges with another excercise that would give the same/similar benefit what would it be? I will be unable to lunge for a while due to a foot injury.


...I would do whatever your foot injury permits you to do.



Seriously, leg extensions? If you can't do lunges due to a foot injury, I'm not really sure what else you expect to be able to do?


Yeah, what's wrong with leg curls and extensions for until things heal up?


Bulgarian Split Squat or jut plain slit squats, if your injury permits.


Like everyone else said, if lunges bother your foot, aside from a few machines like leg curls anything else is probably going to bother it.


squat rack curls


while standing on a bosu ball


I can squat just can't bend my toe or walk with added loads going to try step-ups/b. split-squats.


split squats I do not think would work, but give them a try, step ups would prolly be the one that'll work. As well as single-leg leg press, single leg squats (if you can do those). Good luck with recovery.


Straight Leg Deadlift w/Full Range Of Motion (standing on blocks)


I was going to recommend the single leg presses and bulgaarian split squats but you beat me to it.


I agree with those that recommend leg curls until you are back on your feet again (sorry couldn't resist)


Another good one.

Personally, I feel BB lunges the most in my glutes and upper hamstrings. That's why I feel that leg ext and leg curls really aren't an adequate replacement for this movement.


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