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Lunge Challenge: Bodyweight on Bar

Okay, so you have your bodyweight farmer’s challenge and your 100 rep deadlift challenge but what about the bodyweight lunge challenge?!?

I’ll start us off nice and easy with 10 steps per leg


Pretty sure if I tried this someone would have to call 911 :rofl:

It’s definitely not a good idea. But that’s just the nature of challenges, they need to become increasingly irresponsible or they lose their appeal.


Lol I can barely squat my BW on the bar for 10 reps, let alone try to lunge it. That’s awesome though!

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Me too! And when I do, it ain’t pretty

Looks nasty

This would be a 1RM :joy:

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Great challenge, and very nice form @loganator. I love single leg work.
I think I may just have to take you up on that…

Disgusting. I love it.

Nooooo F. you last one took me two days to recover! I must follow my plaaaaaan

Great job though

I love this, but genuinely have no where to do this unfortunately. Gonna bookmark this for when ido though and hopefully video it. Lunges are badass

I wish my left foot wasn’t so resistant to lunges. I have a PR of 135 for 120, and would love to try something stupid.

I still need to try the bodyweight farmers carry though, so maybe I’m all talk…


It ain’t pretty, but this is my leg day. There is some cheat I’ll admit, but those fiddies are cumbersome… Two 50kgs (or 220lb total) for ten reps, each side. Body weight 90Kg or 198lb.


Thank you very much, great information you have provided. You’re the best c

Anyone done this yet. I would do it but I don’t want to glutes to be fucked for a week. Not so much my quads funny enough my glutes get the brunt of it

That is something stupid though lol

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No way! I never do lunges, friday I did with 60 kgs and it was hard and cumbersome and unstable and my ass was on fire for 3 days so no way I slap on 25 more kilos

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I do split squats (>ROM and can pump out reps faster for more burn) because I wanna train my butt. It’s the only thing that really smashes my glutes though I haven’t tried super heavy hip thrusts

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For me lunges are more butt, but split squats are more quads, no matter the stance, rom etc I use

Anyway I naturally have a big ass so I never focus on it

I have dabbled with the hip thrusts though a few weeks, got to sets at 405. But honestly, the worst burn i ever got was with slow, 3 secs contraction 225 hip thrusts. I mean, honestly, unbearable. People thought I hurt myself