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Lunge Challenge 2.0: Half-Mile/Full Mile

She did it. Mad girl! Props


New Challenge- 10 mile run + 400m walking lunges with 1/2 bodyweight on bar

  • I did this three years ago the morning before my AP Euro exam

No. Ain’t happening. I’m not that crazy

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For what it’s worth, I got full marks on the exam

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Obviously then, 10mile run + 400m lunges is the perfect study strategy

If this were diet advice, I could write an ebook. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Did the half mile in 24:07, 2nd 400m was a little quicker than the first but fairly even splits.




Jesus I need to get fitter, that’s super impressive.

I took 22 minutes for my first 400 :open_mouth:

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It was a good mix between lactic acid in the legs and breathing hard. Think it’s something I’d like to try occasionally over the summer, I feel like there’s a lot of room for improvement based on the limiting factors.

My legs still feel weak nearly 8 hours later, I’m scared of what the DOMS will be like the next few days.


Yeah this was the weirdest part of the challenge for me. My legs weren’t (super) pumped, nor did they burn in particular, but I just felt weak


I’m about to go outside and do this, my apartment complex is just under a half mile so I’ll have to go past my house to finish.

Time will tell if, right before week 6/6 of BTM, this was a good idea.

Nothing some eggs and beef won’t fix.

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Every 100m requires an extra egg for recovery :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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That sucked. Was honestly surprised though, when I completed my first lap and was at 24 minutes, only had to go about .05 miles past my house to finish.

This was my route, starting at the green dot, going in the direction of the arrow, looping all the way around back to my house, which was .45 miles, and then continuing past the green dot start to the red dot end for the last .05 miles.

29 minutes and 37 seconds.

Around that first turn too, is a hill, not crazy steep, but steep enough to make me feel it right off the bat, and then it’s flat until there’s a gradual decline going towards my house, which I was hoping would make it a tiny bit easier at the end, but actually made it worse since I had to use more quads to stop myself from falling forwards. Overall, pretty miserable, but I think I could shave a couple minutes off of it next time.



I’m going to try this fresh this weekend.
I reckon doing three rounds of the swings workout and trying to adjust falling headphones added a few minutes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Great work! I’m starting to realise just how awful my time was

I’m 6’3+ with pretty long legs. It makes the ordeal a bit more glute heavy, but walking lunges are one of the few things where I have a mechanical advantage over people with shorter legs. I have to stand up a bit further, and weigh 220 lbs right now, but I think the distance adds up enough over time that I get a bit of a head start. IIRC @loganator isn’t that tall, his time is super impressive! Dudes pretty jacked so I can’t say I’m surprised but props to him for providing the next goal.

Will not check phone next time. Once I realized I could get around 30 minutes I slacked at the end, in hindsight. Or perhaps will check phone halfway to adjust pace. By the end I was doing sets of 12-15 and my quads felt like they were gonna pop.

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Lol! I slacked the entire way :joy::joy:

5’6 on a good day. I made it 100m before my first break, after that it was about 15-30m at a time and I tried not to rest for more than 10 breaths at a time although that didn’t always work.

The main reason I think there’s room for improvement is these lunges remind me of tempo runs, you run just fast enough to be past lactic threshold but slow enough to not hit lactic turn point so you’re working hard enough to build up lactic acid but slow enough that your body clears enough lactic acid that you don’t NEED to stop (although you’ll want to).

With enough fitness I think doing half a mile with less than 5 breaks is possible. I don’t really want to find out though unless someone keeps beating my time. As a manlet, I have a very fragile ego so I’ll do w/e it takes to get these small victories.