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Lunge Challenge 2.0: Half-Mile/Full Mile

I set out to do a full mile, but quickly discovered how miserable this really is. As such, I’m setting two categories.

CATEGORY 1: Half Mile

  • 1/2 mile walking lunge for time, as much rest as needed

CATEGORY 2: Full mile

  • 1 mile walking lunge for time, as much rest as needed

Managed the half-mile in 48 minutes. I’d give major props to anyone who can complete the half in under 40 minutes, and the full in under 90.


How much pain were you in the next couple of days?

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This is horrible. They closed our track but I think I can pull it off using my steps thing on my Apple Watch. I might take a stab at this this weekend


Probably second worst DOMS I’ve had, behind GVT.

For me, soreness usually peaks after a little more than two full days, which will be this afternoon. Greeeeeeeeeeeeat.

You can use the strava dot com route builder. You input your route and it will tell you how long it is


You are another crazy Aussie. How is Bris Vegas? I’m afraid the older I get, I stay away from these challenges as I don’t like being in pain all the time.

Just curious, what your goal is with this challenge?

Do yourself a favour and break out the ibuprofen.

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If you have (or download) a distance-tracking app like Run Keeper or Nike Free, you can walk a half or quarter mile from your house, then lunge to and from that point.


Ehhhh. Truthfully, I have no idea who came up with that name and why they chose it. Sure, Brisbane is nice, but it’s also fairly boring. That said, the weather is pretty good most of the year, as long as you can handle hot summers.

No sweat, it’s a pretty stupid challenge hahah

Not too sure. Every now and then I like to do something kinda dumb. Part of it is also to prove to some of my clients (and myself) that training can still be hard as hell without weights, although I’m very unlikely to ever actually prescribe this to anyone.


Think of it as training your mind as well as your body.


Doing the occasional dumb challenge is fun(painful, but fun).
I 've always enjoyed my visits to Brisbane. Summers, the high humidity in the afternoon are intense. I found it funny though when it gets to 20 deg people start complaining about the cold and put a jumper on.

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Yup. Today it was 22 in the morning and I was freezing.

Whereabouts are you?

The slum that is called Sydney. Apart from the harbour, its very overrated.

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Hahah I’ve heard the same thing from a couple in Sydney. I’d have to say my favourite major city in Aus would be Adelaide. It’s so chilled out there, I love it

Sydney is overpopulated, overdeveloped and expensive.
I hear plenty of good things about Adelaide too.
Providing you have work, quality of life seems better outside of most capital cities. More relaxed, better value for your $ in real estate.

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I’ve always liked living in slightly busier areas, so one of the smaller cities would be great for me I think. I’ve always enjoyed places like Newcastle, Noosa etc.

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Will give this a shot Saturday

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800m in 38min- only body weight though


Awesome work! How do your legs feel now?

To be honest, not too bad.

To be clear, I do “stupid “ stuff like this fairly regularly so I’m relatively used to it

Dude, who hurt you…