I usually pack two sandwiches for lunch, stocked with boars head meat. I figure them to each to have about 30-40 grams of protein. Would it be better to eat them both at the same time at noon and get a protein surge, or eat one at 10:30 and one at 12:30-1, to keep my protein synthesis going longer?


JFred, the short answer? It’s better to break it up.

To stay in positive nitrogen balance (a state in which you are maintainin or building muscle), you need to take in protein at least every 4 hours. The best way to divide up your protein is to calculate your daily protein requirements (1.5g x LBM) and divide it up into 6 or more meals per day.

Where do you get boar meat?

it’s a brand name not the type of meat

I hope that was a joke.

Thrasher,im sure he meant Boars Head lunch meat…

Jfred…how about you eat both sandwiches for the 40g of Protein and ai 10:30 take in somthing like a shake and some nuts or jerkey and some nuts…just trying to help out…

You may want to switch from high sodium lunch meat to chicken breasts, turkey, or fish - just cook up a bunch at the beggining of the week and make sandwiches with them each day.

Isn’t Boars Head known for being low in sodium. I use the low sodium roast beef, and the low sodium turkey.

you should take four sandwiches and eat them at the times you mentioned.

Why are you eating lunch meat? It’s shit anyways. Eat real meat: chicken breast, tuna, steak, etc.

yeah joke, I’m funny like a clown.


Count three threads above your post…read before reiterating!

and Lunchmeat guy,

as we have all stated Lunch meat is garbage.
Go get real meat.
cook it and eat it.
and while you are at it get rid of the bread…
Eat some oatmeal, yams, whole grain pasta, etc…
honestly you should be doing this every 2 hours…

Eat more. I would be starving if all I had was two sandwiches.


I think you mean three posts…not three threads.

You say “read before reiterating”, and then you go on to say the exact same thing that I said…you’re a bright one.

sarcasm bro - easy I’m just playing with you!