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Lunch With Dr. L

I was just handling some questions/ posts from last night, and thought I’d open up for some non-prime-time questions.

Got any over the next hour or so?


I’ll go bump the question I asked you last night. Thanks!

How effective is fasting and subsequent increase in protein utilization? I am experimenting with this diet for the time being, and I really really enjoy it. I am not tied down to food and have lots of energy and feel satisified every day. But I am concerned about my huge amount of protein ingestion at night, and hope that my body still processes and uses it.

In one of your recent Top 10 Lists you mention that a undulating resistance training program is your favorite, do you still favor that when cutting?

Are there any other recs for resistance training when eating hypocaloric, like higher intensity, body part frequency?

Dr. Lowery,

I know you’re are an advocate of beans, and I was wondering if you had an opinion on “bean flour”, either store-bought or self-ground. Seems like it would be a good alternative to bake with and/or use for pancakes. Does grinding it up make it high-GI like white bread?



There’s been an ages-old debate over how much protein one can utilize at a sitting. 30g? 50g? usually the copout answer is just divide total daily needs by 6 meals and there you have it.

180g per day / 6 meals = 30g per meal

But you, my friend seem to be making this issue even tougher. How much do you eat and in what time frame?

Double L, on the protein & caffeine deal, you said you take a cup of coffee and 10g of Low-Carb Grow! about and hr. before morning cardio. Is there anything to the time frame here? I usually start cardio 10-15 min after waking.


When one is hypocaloric, muscle preservation rather than actual gain is usually the focus.

I’ve long been a fan of eccentric-focused exercise, with one week between re-training a body part but I’ve indeed incorporated this into an undulating scheme, with higher-rep days alternating-in.

I think this could be effective whether cutting or building.

Another questions this in regards to both your “Restriction Contradiction, Part II” and recent post “LL: Counting Protein”.

Recently Lyle, and others (I believe Elzi) were discussing cardio and the slow down of the metabolism and benefits toward fat loss–lbm maintenance, and to paraphase they ascertain (all other things being constant) that cardio plus maintenace eating is equal to same level of hypo-caloric intake (adjusted for TEA and TEF) as it pertains to metabolism shutdown and substrate usuage until it reaches certain levels (+50% deficit). Summarizing the main benefit to do cardio at a moderate cut is for psychological reasons and general fitness.

Now I have done well on your style of cut from the article plus the beta contest prep spreadsheet program that you have shared. Is there a study that shows fat:lbm difference between the two methods and metabolism down-regulation rates when only adjusting those variables? Can you point me in the direction?

There is no use slaving on threadmill an hour a day when I could cut my calories an additional 400/3000 = 13%. You wouldn’t write an article unless you felt it necessary, right?

Thanks for your insight.

I’ve bought bean flour before myself but never used it. I don’t think the glycemic index would get too high overall. One might have some real gas problems, though, becuse he could consume a large amount, fast.

Perhaps a first step for many persons is to fold it into a whole grain flour before meal prep rather than going straight for the pure bean flour.

Whatever you decide, let me know how it goes.

Caffeine from coffee will hit the blood stream in as little as 5 minutes but won’t peak for an hour or more, depending on what else it’s consumed with.

I would think that 15 minutes of walking as warm up (after drinking the java and protein) would be no problem regarding this whole concept.

Alright, guys, I’m outta here.

I have to go see the orthopod about a nagging ankle injury. I’m so fed up with the instability that I’m even willing to undergo surgery.

Thanks for joining me.


Spoke to you about high-fat dieting week before endrance events followed by the carbohydrate load. Is there any reason to believe that the week period would lead to a decrease in stroke volume due to the decreased amount of water retention (without carbs)?