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Lunch Time

I would be posting my workouts etc here. Current goals are a 405lb squat while not gaining any extra weight and maintaining athleticism. I would also like to re-learn front and back flips at some point in time if life permits.

BW: 155lbs
Sq: 335lbs
Bp: 215lbs
Dl: 500lbs

Recently I’ve been working on squatting without knee wraps or sleeves

My upper body work consists of a lot of bodyweight exercises

No belt PR

Hey lunchy,

Those are some awesome handstand walks. How did you learn how to do handstands? What other tricks/upper body moves can you do? What athletic background do you have?

Im trying to learn how to do a handstand, but ay the moment I am stuck on the first step which is back up onto a wall. Lol.


I actually learned to do handstands when I was around 16 because I was into breakdancing lol. I can walk down stairs in a handstand which is probably my most impressive trick these days. I have a lot more lower body mass now than I did then so those things are a bit harder now.

The easiest way to learn is to practice with the wall until you get used to being upside down, it may take a while but it’s a great skill to learn.
My handstands are really sloppy though and I rely on strength more than balance, a gymnast would cringe at those lol.

More bodyweight work

Squat PR Grinder

Trap Bar Deadlift PR

20lb Squat PR

Squat Triple PR 315lbs

Squat Triple at 315, the goal is 315 for 5 reps

325lb for a triple, last rep was a bit short

These days i’m doing Squats for lower body and bodyweight exercises for upper. Handstands and pullups form the majority of my upper body work with some light overhead pressing and bent over rear delt flys.

New Squat PR

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I’m working on handstand pushups now as my upper body work