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Lunch On the Run


This semester I have class on tuesdays and thursdays straight through from 10:00 until 3:00, with no time between for a real meal. I've been packing a bunch of protein bars and just munching throughout the late morning and early afternoon, but I don't really like relying on them as "meals" per se.

Any recommendations for other stuff I can take around with me? I suppose I could take a couple Metabolic Drive shakes with me, but I don't really like how they taste when made with just water...


I know where you're coming from. I work 12.5 hour (sometimes longer) ER shifts, oftentimes without any lunch or dinner break at all. I usually do the typical handful of beef jerky, protein bar or peel a few hard boiled eggs and eat the egg whites thing while standing in the corner as my "dinner".

You can get yourself a soft cooler type of bag and put convenient mini meals/food in there, such as cottage cheese, chicken salads (chicken breast, flax seed oil, chopped onion/celery), tuna salad, hard boiled eggs, raw vegetables/homemade dips (pureed cottage cheese, chives, garlic), sugar free yogurts with a portion of Metabolic Drive (portioned out into small baggies) and sprinkle of nuts or seeds (flax or sunflower)....or preportioned meals, if you have access to a microwave (my college had a micro by my class by a vending machine that sold hot pockets and stuff).

I've even kept those vacuum packs of tuna in my locker for a quick meal, just eat it out of the pouch, but those can be expensive. Anyway, these are some ideas of things that can be consumed when you're short on time.

Good luck!


I like premaking blender bombs.

2 packets of oats
1.5 cup chocolate milk
Scoop Whey
Scoop Casein

That bad boy fills you up.
You'd obviously have to keep it cool, I'll echo chinadoll's remarks about a small cooler pouch. You could even just do sandwiches, go old school on it.